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Modern Love: My 5 Weeks Long First Date

I can’t give you the big picture of the first date that could have been a disaster, but instead the risks that caused my subsequent risks, the leap into something very uncertain, the short-lived but my world Turned out to be an enlargement in a way beyond latitude. I have come to crave his abilities and courage, and my job is not to stick to him, but to nurture those qualities of my own and go out into the world in pursuit of what moves me. I noticed that.

I can’t say everything because it’s too long. But if possible, I’ll tell you how he took me to the knotty Ironwood Tree Forest. There, red flowers that fell from the branches covered the ground, and penguins and sea lions peeked from behind the moss-covered logs. Let’s talk about penguins that pop from the ice-covered sea and black water. Let’s talk about the love notes he left on my pillow. In fact, he assures us that we weren’t entirely sure we would sleep together on the trip, but also admits that my ingenuity alchemized a strong desire in the first week.

On the surface it was hard to connect, but something buried and wordless attracted us. It would have been as impossible as explaining why we both loved the ocean, wildlife and raw landscapes. After my daily work, when we sailed far away from my known world, I went to his hut, a 20-foot swell rolled a ship, and the eternal dusk of summer in Antarctica seas. I climbed his sleeper while remaining on top of it.

I can’t tell you all about it, so you don’t even have to explain how things collapsed. You don’t need to know how annoyed he is in the domesticated urban space where I spend most of my life, or how he struggled to incorporate me into his world. The last night we spent together was an Alaskan RV, parked next to the dog yard of the man who later won Iditarod, and 100 sled dogs barking together at night. I don’t know I woke up. A whirlpool of eerie and mysterious sounds.

When he slept undisturbed by me, I thought this memory was only mine: a lavender night, a sleeping man, a sky swirling with the music of a dog.

Modern Love: My 5 Weeks Long First Date

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