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Pittsburgh (KDKA) — Moderna has begun clinical coronavirus vaccine trials in children aged 12 to 17 years.

“Vaccine studies in children usually take a little longer than vaccine studies in adults,” said Dr. Joe Arakuri, a pediatrician at the AHN Pediatric Alliance. “We want to make sure our children are safe and that the protocol is done in a very controlled way.”

The study enrolls 3,000 adolescents. Half are vaccinated twice at monthly intervals and the other half are vaccinated with placebo.

“No one knows which vaccine they are vaccinated against, whether it is a placebo or a real vaccine. Thus, the result is ultimately not a bias,” says Dr. Arakuri. “Finally, when everyone is not’blind’and you find one, parents are given the option of whether they want to continue vaccination. “

Participants will be evaluated for blood antibody tests, monitored for side effects, and monitored for COVID infection.

“This entails the risks and benefits of participating in the study,” said Dr. Arakuri.

To participate in the study, the child must be healthy and have an average weight.

Children will not be able to participate if they have contacted someone infected with the coronavirus in the last two weeks, traveled outside the United States, donated blood in the past month, or recently received any other vaccine. Pregnancy, smoking, substance and alcohol abuse will also prevent someone from participating.

“Sometimes it’s a little difficult to hire,” says Dr. Arakuri. “It is very important that everyone consider participating in these studies, especially if you meet the selection criteria.”

Competitor Pfizer announced a trial in October for the same age group.

“Participants are usually excited to participate in something like this,” says Dr. Arakuri.

The trial has not been actively adopted yet, but if you are interested in participating, you can contact the company directly by email. Clinicaltrials@modernatx.com.

Modern Plans To Test Coronavirus Vaccine On Children – CBS Pittsburgh Source link Modern Plans To Test Coronavirus Vaccine On Children – CBS Pittsburgh

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