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Nathan Myhrvold evaluates Portland’s pizza scene in a variety of styles and recipes

Nathan Milbold, author of “Modernist Pizza,” explains why the best pizzas in the country are here in Rose City. Credit: “Modernist Pizza”

KOIN, Oregon — A new book has named Portland the best pizza city in the country. One of the authors tells KOIN 6 News about the decision.

Nathan Milbold, co-author of this book “Modernist Pizza” The Portland pizza scene said it was unique because the pizzeria owners were crazy about pizza. Myhrvold ate over 400 pies and traveled 100,000 miles with co-author Francisco Migoy.

Seattle residents appreciate Portland’s easy access to different styles of pizza and the shops that offer high quality products over time.

“Portland is blessed with a lot of people who are crazy about pizza and are blessed with customers who are willing to pay a little more to get something better than Domino.” Myhrvold said.

He added that other cities can sometimes rely on old pizza recipes instead of trying to improve them.

More specifically, Myhrvold describes New York City as “a place where you can only get delicious pizza if you’re there right after the pizza comes out of the oven.” Otherwise, the pitiful one is sitting on a table with a heat lamp or something on it. “

If you want to get slices in Portland, a passionate author recommends Lovelyz Fifty Fifty North Mississippia Venue, Ken’s artisan pizza Southeast 28th Avenue or Scottie’s Pizza Parlor Located on Southeast Division Street.

Scott Rivera is the owner of the Scotties Pizza Parlor on Southeast Division Street in Portland. Rivera agrees with the author of “Modernist Pizza” that Portland is America’s premier pizza city.

When asked if he was tired of eating pizza, Myhrvold said he had no chance.

“When I come back from five pizzerias a day for two weeks, I take a little pizza break, but I love pizza,” he said with a smile. “I always love pizza.”

“Modernist Pizza” will be released in October and will include 3 volumes and a recipe manual.

‘Modernist Pizza’ author: Portland pizza best in US Source link ‘Modernist Pizza’ author: Portland pizza best in US

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