Modernization of seatback safety legislation could hang in Congress

Returning to June, Kathleen Rice representative from New York. Jan Schakowsky, Illinois and Diana Deget, Colorado, have introduced modernization of seatback safety legislation in the US House of Representatives. A few months ago, Same invoice Introduced in the Senate by Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. Official text of the bill It states that it intends to “issue a final rule to revise safety standards for automobile seatbacks.” For reasons that will become apparent soon, this law seems to address a very important safety issue for automobiles. truck Currently sold in the United States.

according to CBS News, This law was pushed into $1 A trillion infrastructure bill that Congress has and is still discussing.But according to CBS NewsProgressive Democrats threaten to vote against the bill unless the $ 3.5 trillion budget plan is upheld President Biden Pass first. Republican politicians are generally expected to vote against budget planning bills. If the infrastructure bill is not passed, the modernized seatback safety law will fail accordingly.

Why is seat back safety important? “For more than 50 years, government seatback standards have been inadequate enough to allow the average dining room chair to pass a test that is supposed to protect backseat passengers in a rear-seat collision. I did. ” Japan Safe Driving CenterSaid in Interview with CBS News..

According to the Japan Safe Driving Center, the law is trying to address “these seatback failures kill an average of 50 children a year.” In addition to the dead, a seatback that fails when the vehicle is hit hard enough from behind causes an unknown number of serious injuries. If the seat back fails, it can return to the backseat occupants (often children, some child seats), resulting in serious injury or death.

Voting for the infrastructure bill was scheduled for today, but it’s delayed.

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Modernization of seatback safety legislation could hang in Congress

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