Moishe Pod Brings Young Jews Together for Progress – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Moishe Pod MKE is 22-32 years old by hosting holiday events and social events, facilitating conversations and ensuring a safe space for people to “just be Jewish” in their casual home environment. It is an organization whose mission is to attract Jewish adults. Being part of the parent organization Moishe House International, they receive a monthly budget to plan their own event. This is the first time here in Milwaukee.

Founders Nicole Gorelik and Leah Biller started the organization in June of this year. While every Moishe Houses is a different and unique experience, the Milwaukee branch emphasizes progressive values ​​and inclusiveness.

Gorelick shares why she wanted to get involved.

“There are many Jewish organizations in Milwaukee aimed at young Jews, but in reality there are no organizations led by young Jews. When I heard about Moishe House, I wondered what would happen if there was something like this. I thought. I was really excited about the concept because I knew a lot of people in the community and loved planning events and advertising on social media. “

Biller adds: This is an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It was clear that having a stranger at home literally would be a daunting task, but the community was very supportive. They will come early to help set up, follow, and clean up. “

Over the last six months, Moishe Pod MKE events have included a Sabbath between faiths, a Sabbath, a Sabbath with a backyard concert, a seminar on feminist Yiddishkeit culture, and a conversation about environmental justice while making soap. It has been.

“The backyard concert has been my favorite event so far,” Biller said. “We hired two Milwaukee bands, and people walking down the street came to listen to the music and check it out. Our Intersectionity Shabbat was also a favorite, where the Jews A diverse panel of people talked about how all their Jewish experiences are unique. It was very educational. “

Friends shepherd

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Gorelick adds: “Lear and I didn’t know what to expect, so I really liked the first event like the Happy Hour housewarming party in the backyard. We were just getting started and tried to promote it as much as possible. There was an incredible turnout of people just emerging. Jews I’ve never heard of came over and since then they have consistently returned to our event. “

See and hear

As mentioned earlier, part of Moishe Pod MKE’s mission is to make young Jews feel seen and heard. Biller believes that the Jewish community in Milwaukee is still finding its voice.

“I don’t think people take anti-Semitism seriously enough. People outside our community say that the range of Jews represented by the United States is limited to privileged white Jews. I think there is, but this is inaccurate. I’m not saying there is no privilege, but anti-Semitism when alienated without considering the Jews dealing with racial discrimination and homosexual aversion. I hope others will have a little more sympathy for what is happening. Some Jews are afraid to speak loudly and proudly because they are afraid of their safety. . “

Gorelick adds: “There are so many types of Jews in Milwaukee, and we all speak out in different spaces, but we can’t always talk about Judaism in those spaces. We are monoliths. No. We try to throw ourselves into the circle of social justice, but we are not always required to pull up our chairs. “

They share the goals of the 2022 Moishe Pod MKE.

“We definitely want more people to come,” Biller said. “I want to see a new face that is exciting to meet other people. Nicole and I want to plan a bigger and better event based on feedback from the community.”

“I want to see not only more Jewish faces, but also non-Jews coming to see what we are doing,” Gorerick said. “This is a very low risk environment. Anyone can hang out here as long as we respect our space.”

Moishe Pod MKE is working with Tikkun Ha-ir on December 7th at 6pm to create a holiday kit for high school students in need. Hanukkah’s Sabbath will be celebrated at 6:30 pm on December 10. Socialize at the River West Artbar at 8pm on December 21st.

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