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Miami (AP) — Yadier Molina hits a two-run homer and Dylan Carlson leads St. Louis with a Grand Slam …

Miami (AP) —

Yadier Molina hit a two-run homer, Dylan Carlson added a Grand Slam, led the St. Louis Cardinals 7-0 in Miami on Wednesday, and dropped the Marlins to 1-5 for the first time since 2015. I did a sweep.

Jack Flaherty (1-0) allowed one hit in six innings. This is Corey Dickerson’s lead-off single, who continued his walk before being caught in a stolen base. After another walk, Fraherty calmed down. He both took a walk, allowing only two more runners and defeating six.

Flaherty abandoned six runs in 4 1/3 innings at Cincinnati on the opening day.

“Early, I didn’t find my fastball,” Fraherty said. “The same was true of the last game. As the innings progressed, I was able to make more attacks, establish a fastball and pitch it off. I got a much better count.”

Henesis Cabrera and Jordan Hicks finished three batters.

St. Louis allowed the Marlins three runs after giving up 27 in the opening series.

Pablo Lopez (0-1) allowed two runs and three hits in the 62/3 innings.

St. Louis was in the scoring position with only one runner before the seventh.

Molina led 2-0 in the 7th inning and drove a go-a-head run in each game of the series. Matt Carpenter drew a two-out walk, ending the string of ten retired batters by Lopez.

“Yadi was hit hard and the men continued to fight,” said Cardinals manager Mike Shield. “Lopez was good. They threw us some good pitching.”

Carlson played Zack Pop for the ninth time and played home ring for two consecutive games. He has three hits this season and is all a home run.

“We’ve put together the players who are good at bat in that inning,” Carlson said. “I put it back from a count of 0 to 2. I was really proud of it.”

Miami won 1-22 against the scoring runners in the series. Cardinals right fielder Justin Williams played the game’s final with a diving catch from Jon Berti’s Jesús Aguilar on a sinking line drive.

“It definitely didn’t go as we wanted and it was a shame to start a season like this,” said Miami manager Don Mattingly. “We thought it was a little more consistent. That’s the part that surprises me.”

Paul Goldschmidt also had a St. Louis RBI single.

Nolan Arenado was his fourth single and was a successful cardinal in the first six games.

Still lineup:

38-year-old Molina caught the first six games, including a start at 4:10 pm on Wednesday.

“If this was a 1 o’clock match, we would have taken it into account,” Silt said of Molina’s rest. “We’re intentionally hitting him. The guy is in a really good place. He loves to play.”

Trainers room

Cardinal: (LHP) Kwang Hyun Kim (back stiffness) is expected to return to St. Louis with the team for the club’s first home stand, but the announced schedule to rejuvenate him from the injured list is There is none. Kwang played against a minor leaguer on Tuesday at the team’s spring training facility in Jupiter, Florida.


Cardinals: RHP Adam Wainwright (0-1, 20.25) will start a home opener against Milwaukee on Thursday. Wayne Wright allowed 6 runs and 7 hits and was pulled out after 22/3 innings in Cincinnati.

Marlins: RHP Nick Nidert (0-0) or RHP Paul Campbell (0-0) will launch the Mets home opener on Thursday.

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Molina HR, Carlson slam lead Cards over Marlins 7-0 & sweep Source link Molina HR, Carlson slam lead Cards over Marlins 7-0 & sweep

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