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DC’s mother speaks out when her daughter has a heart attack after the wrong address sends an ambulance to the wrong place in the city. Here’s what you need to know:

Billy Shepherd: “This should never have happened” (WTOP Megan Cloherty)

It took more than 20 minutes for the DC ambulance to arrive at the northeastern home where the woman was suffering a fatal heart attack after the ambulance was directed to the wrong quadrant of the city.

Approximately six months after Billy Shepherd’s daughter, Sheila Shepherd, died, her mother has some answers to her question of what took so long.

A dispatch from DC’s Communications Bureau performing the city’s 911 response confirmed that ambulance personnel were mistakenly sent to 400 blocks northwest of Ogrethorpe Street.

“My granddaughter said northeast. She said it twice,” he heard a voice sent to her by independent reporter Dave Statter through a request for freedom of information from industry publications. After that, Billy Shepherd said.

On one tape, someone from Engine 11 called the coordinator and asked, “Can you confirm your address … we [address redacted] The caller said this was not the correct address. “

“OK, standby. We are checking the correct location,” the coordinator replies.

After a while, the dispatcher issues a fix and sends a request to other engines to respond to the same address in northeastern DC.

A man talking from Engine 11 asks a question on the phone and informs the coordinator that his location is close to the correct address. In fact, it’s 1.3 miles away.

“I’m going to get closer than Engine 26. Keep running on the northeast side,” he said on the radio.

Billy Shepherd: “You know it will happen again” (WTOP Megan Crohati)

Meanwhile, Billy Shepherd’s granddaughter, who discovered that her mother had fallen on the floor of the house, was the only one to help there.

“To get a 13-year-old kid to do what he needs to do, he does everything, including a chest pump, and the kid says,” When are they here? ” “They should be there soon, they’re on their way,” and to repeat it for 30 minutes, “said Billy Shepherd, whose granddaughter called her from another phone. I remembered the moment I heard it.

An industry publication that received a 911 dispatch call with Shepherd’s daughter shows a timeline that is less than 30 minutes long.

Anxious caller reported that mother was not breathing yet CPR continued, so it took about 18 minutes to call. The siren became audible after a few seconds. The daughter said she had heard of emergency medical care. Around 21 minutes of the recording, an ambulance insider asked, “How long did she go out?”

The delay posed an inevitable question in Billy Shepherd’s mind. And she said her granddaughter was traumatized in her efforts to save her mother. “I don’t know, but 30 minutes? It’s possible that we went in the opposite direction,” said Billy Shepherd.

Shepherd died a few hours later at the Washington Hospital Center. Her mom is unaware of the existing condition that would have caused cardiac arrest.

Since her death on June 5, the family of the Department of Agriculture’s 59-year-old Equal Opportunity Expert has not been contacted by anyone in the Washington, DC government.

“I think it’s scary. In a pandemic, no one in the city reaches out, it just cleans up … so that these institutions aren’t transparent, and for me a week or two later. , Start submitting bills. Nearly $ 800 for an ambulance that you feel killed your child? That’s a horrifying situation, “Billy Shepherd told WTOP.

Sheila Shepherd’s daughter, who was orphaned by the death of her mother, lived with a Canadian family. Her grandmother is left to pick up the debris and dispose of her property.

“I feel her loss almost every day, and often within a day. Even when I see her climb the stairs, Lord, something about her or she is mine There is no room in this house that I have never tried. We were very close, “said Billy Shepherd.

WTOP contacted DC’s Unified Communications Bureau and published the story without comment, one hour past the agreed deadline.

Mom accuses DC of lack of empathy, transparency after ambulance sent to wrong quadrant Source link Mom accuses DC of lack of empathy, transparency after ambulance sent to wrong quadrant

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