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Las Vegas (KLAS) – Last month, a mother accused of killing her son and leaving her body behind near a path outside Las Vegas was arrested Tuesday morning in Denver. According to Las Vegas police..

Samantha Moreno Rodriguez, 35, from San Jose, California, was detained by the FBI-led Denver Rocky Mountain Safe Street Task Force. KDVR report..

Police said Rodriguez disappeared from his home in San Jose in May, “I’m sorry I had to do this,” “Liam and I.”

According to KDVR, her husband called police on June 1 to record what happened, but did not believe Liam was at risk, so she submitted an abduction report. Stopped.

Meanwhile, Nevada investigators were already trying to identify the body of a child found by hikers on May 28. Liam was identified more than a week after one of Rodriguez’s friends recognized the boy’s sketch.

LVMPD Homicide Lt. Ray Spencer held a joint press conference with the FBI on Tuesday afternoon to provide updates on the incident.

Lieutenant Spencer elaborated on the events leading up to the discovery of Liam Hasted’s body near a hiking trail in Mountain Springs, not far from Las Vegas.

Event timeline:

  • May 24: Liam was last seen in San Jose
  • May 24: Rodriguez and Liam reportedly left California on a 2007 dark blue Dodge Caliber.
  • May 26: The two were found on Laguna Beach, followed by Victorville, California.
  • May 28: Liam’s body is found by hikers in the Mountain Spring area
  • May 29: Rodriguez’s car was seen driving on Interstate Highway 70 near Grand Junction, Colorado.
  • May 31: Rodriguez was last seen in a hotel room in the Denver district on May 31, police said she had checked in alone.
  • June 1: Liam Hasted’s father contacts San Jose Police Department and reports that Liam and Rodriguez are missing
  • June 4: A family friend took a sketch of a Las Vegas boy to the San Jose Police Department and said it resembled Liam, whom he hadn’t met recently.
  • June 7: LVMPD publicly warns of Rodriguez’s search.Publicly issue an arrest warrant for murder
  • June 8: Rodriguez arrested in Denver

Breakdown of the survey timeline with full details

May 24: Liam Hasted’s father returned to his home in San Jose, noticed that Liam and Samantha had all their belongings gone, and found a note left by Samantha. We can discuss this in the future to get a home for Liam and me. “

“The father didn’t know what to do at this point and didn’t think Liam or Samantha was involved in any cheating or could be harmful,” said Lieutenant Spencer. T.

May 27: Samantha was housed in a local Las Vegas hotel that day, and police believe Liam was still alive at this point. Before coming to Las Vegas, the detective was able to place Samantha at Laguna Beach and Victorville, California.

May 28: Liam Hasted’s body was found by hikers on a trail near Mountain Springs on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

June 1: The father decided to contact the San Jose Police Department to record the case, but did not want Samantha to get into trouble and decided not to submit a report to keep a record of his parents’ removal.

Photograph of Liam Hasted (7 years old) and his mother Samantha Moreno Rodriguez (35 years old)

June 4th: A week after Liam’s body was discovered, San Jose Police Department was warned by a friend of Rodriguez’s family that he had not seen his mother or son for more than two weeks.

“On June 4, a family friend came to the police to inform me of this sketch in Las Vegas. She thinks the sketch resembles Liam,” said San Jose Police Department at a press conference on Tuesday. Said the policeman.

Police officers filed a damage report with the police, remembering that the child’s father had contacted him on June 1. Father and police were unaware that Liam’s body was found in Nevada four days ago. It was here that the San Jose authorities began the investigation and began working with LPMPD.

SJPD contacted LVMPD and told them that there was a missing child who appeared to be a boy found in Mountain Springs. Authorities say the DNA of Liam’s pillows and clothes matched the DNA of the boy found last month.

“We would like to express our condolences and condolences to Liam’s father. As parents, no one wants to have such an experience,” said a San Jose police officer. ..

June 7: police We held a press conference on Monday To find Samantha Moreno Rodriguez, 35, to inform the public that she is conducting a national search to reveal that she was last tracked in Denver, Colorado. During the briefing, LPMPD identified her son, known as John “Little Zion” Doe, as a 7-year-old Liam Hasted from San Jose. His body was discovered on May 28 by a hiker off SR 160 near the Mountain Springs Trailhead between Las Vegas and Pahrump.

June 8: According to police, Rodriguez was arrested by the FBI-led Safe Street Task Force in the Denver Rocky Mountains.

According to police, she will be imprisoned in a prison in the Denver area for one of the undisclosed murders pending delivery to Las Vegas.

Police did not identify the cause of death, only stating that it was clear that he had been killed.

“I have stated that this child has the right to be mentioned in his name and deserves law enforcement involvement in the investigation. The results are disastrous, but Liam Hasted is no longer called John. There is a closed feeling that there is no dough. ”

Jeremy Schwartz, FBI

Mom arrested after California boy found dead near Las Vegas-area trail Source link Mom arrested after California boy found dead near Las Vegas-area trail

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