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Mom of Illinois State student wants FBI to investigate death | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-12-05 06:15:00 –

Chicago (AP) —A civil rights lawyer joined Geraniday’s mother on Friday and asked the FBI to investigate why a graduate student at Illinois State University disappeared in August and then disappeared. Found dead in the river..

Ben Clamp At a press conference at Chicago’s Rainbow Push headquarters, the Department of Justice must investigate Day’s death as urgently as he investigated a suspected fraud involving white victims such as Gabby Petito. He said it wouldn’t be.

A black man, Crump became famous by representing the families of George Floyd and others who were victims of police atrocities and vigilant violence.

“We give him priority,” Crump said on Friday. “… There is a murderer in this young black man’s loose, and we need to find him.”

Coroner decided He died of drowning that day in October, but said it was unclear how the 25-year-old boy entered the Illinois River, 60 miles (97 km) north of Bloomington, where he was last seen. rice field.

A LaSalle county coroner said Day’s autopsy found no evidence of “manual strangulation, assault or quarrel, sharp, dull or ammunition injuries.”

Officials said his death was under investigation. But Day’s mother, Carmen Bolden Day, told her that law enforcement officials believed her son had committed suicide, but said she was out of control. She said she was studying speech-language pathology in Illinois with the aim of becoming a doctor, without her son being depressed or burdened, with no school-related financial problems.

“I’m not the first mother to lose a child, but when you lose a child and you don’t know why … Stop claiming that those who have vowed protection and service will find the answer for you. I can’t. “She said during the event she spoke with rebellion and tenacity, and then cried in Crump’s arms.

Jerani’s day Last seen on August 24th in Bloomington, A normal sister city of Illinois. Danville Day’s family and faculty members reported that he went missing after he hadn’t appeared in class for a few days.

Two days later, Day’s car was found in the woodlands of Peru, and his body was Found in the Illinois River On September 4th in the LaSalle-Peru region. There was no reason for Day to be in LaSalle County, his mother said, and she wondered how he entered the river because he wasn’t injured before he drowned.

The LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office announced last month that Day’s cell phone was discovered and sent to the FBI for forensic examination.

“We want to know what happened to his cell phone. What was his last phone call, what was his last ping, where he was last seen. I want to know, “Crump said.

In addition to Floyd, Crump has represented families such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Breona Taylor.

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Mom of Illinois State student wants FBI to investigate death | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Mom of Illinois State student wants FBI to investigate death | St. Louis News Headlines

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