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Wichita, Kansas 2022-05-20 23:40:02 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) — For Raven Gonzalez, the constant struggle to find enough infant formula for babies is becoming more and more apparent day by day.

Her seven-month-old son, Theron, was born prematurely.

“He was born 23 weeks pregnant,” Gonzales said.

Current shortage of infant formula nationwide Creates additional challenges for many mothers with preterm infants, such as Gonzales, whose son needs special infant formula.

“Doctors even said that some of the premature patients noticed that they started taking the prescription because they couldn’t find anything,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales, on average, is looking for infant formula for at least eight hours a week. One of her longest trips ended up stopping at 15 different stores.

“One day I think I was looking for a formula for a total of five hours, but I was only able to find it,” Gonzales says.

Despite being asked by state authorities to expand the variety of prescriptions available through WIC (Gonzales is a member), Gonzales says these efforts are too late. Gonzales says her shortage left her no choice but to switch the Theron formula.

Despite the approval of Teron’s doctor to switch prescriptions, the transition was difficult.

“He had a really terrible reaction-he got urticaria at first,” Gonzales said. “He can’t breastfeed. He switched formulas, but can’t find a new one. What’s next?”

Gonzales says he is wondering if his son’s prescription needs to be switched again. In order for the boy to maintain nutrition, he may endanger his health.

“Can we pass his little body through it again? I started crying … I knew how upset it was as a parent when you came this far with your child And they all risked having to go back to the hospital because of a lack of prescription, “Gonzales said.

Mom of premature infant shares struggles amid formula shortage Source link Mom of premature infant shares struggles amid formula shortage

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