Moms For Liberty upset LGTBQ students allowed to show PDA – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-09-20 19:25:47 –

Franklin, Tennessee (WTVF) — An independent high school pride club is backed by an LGBTQ organization after a video showing a student’s face was posted online.

Moms For Liberty Williamson County shared a video of a high school student at a homecoming parade. They claim that homosexual students kissed Pride Float in front of younger students.

Conservative parent groups believe that Williamson County Schools need to be involved.

“After all, I think parents need to know what’s going on at school,” said Brett Craig, a supporter of Moms For Liberty.

Craig recently moved to Williamson County. His two children are not enrolled in public school.

“Mom for Liberty wants to avoid bringing politics and radical gender ideology to school,” Craig said.

Frank Limpride and PFLAG (parents, lesbian and gay friends) participated in this discussion when the post was posted. They do not believe this is a school board issue.

Ginny Bailey, President of PFLAG, said: “Did you think we were talking about the school calendar? And does this school have enough textbooks?”

They are also worried about student safety.

“It shows the young people on the floats and could probably identify them. I’m worried they might be targeted,” Bailey said.

Franklin Pride’s Robert McNamara said the debate departed from the actual work that could occur within Williamson County School.

“People just want to be themselves,” McNamara said. “We’ve been on this road 100 times, so I think it’s a waste of time, a waste of taxpayers’ time, and energy and resources.”

In a statement from Williamson County School, a district spokesperson said he would not determine which student-led clubs could or could not attend the event. It’s all or zero.

Moms For Liberty upset LGTBQ students allowed to show PDA Source link Moms For Liberty upset LGTBQ students allowed to show PDA

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