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Cheverly, Maryland — On a typical morning in the suburbs of Maryland, Jennifer Stapleton washes the dishes in the sink and waits for the whole family to come downstairs for breakfast.

One by one, they arrive: her son, Samuel. Her daughter, Ruby. And her wife, Amy.

“We will start preparing the children,” Stapleton said of her day. “We have breakfast for them. We get out of the door. Amy takes Sam to school and I walk Ruby to school.”

A walk to her daughter’s school is Stapleton’s favorite time.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Not too far in the past, Stapleton was processing communications for a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC.

“The kids were in school,” she said. “We dropped them off very early before 8am and were there until near 6pm. We took them, got on the train, worked all day, returned to the train, 6pm I’ll get there in a hurry by time. “

This is one of the few major life decisions she made with her family in mind.

“A pandemic blow,” she said. “I looked at my life and said,’Is this what you want to do in your life?’ And the answer was no. “

Stapleton terribly wanted to turn her career into art. She currently runs an art consultant, Fire and Bliss Creative, who has more control over her schedule. She has a fulfilling job and can go back and forth between school and Ruby.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many mothers to reassess their choices, especially in their careers. Almost 50% of Mazari’s new Motherhood survey respondents say that past methods have changed employment conditions in some way. Some have lost their jobs, others have quit. Some have taken new positions. Some have completely left the workforce.

This allowed Stapleton to take a step back.

“I have a vision board,” she said. “I’ve added time to connect with Amy, one-on-one with the kids, and my own time on the board.”

Check out the special report to see more of Stapleton’s story. American motherhoodIn the video below:

Moms reflect on how motherhood impacts life decisions Source link Moms reflect on how motherhood impacts life decisions

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