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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-12-03 22:42:07 –

Houston (AP) — For over seven years, no one knew what happened to the $ 600,000 check and cash stolen from the minister’s vault. Joel OsteenHouston Megachurch is one of the largest congregations in the country.

Well, in this case, there is a possibility of a twist. Money may not have left the church and may have helped the plumber solve the mystery.

Houston police are investigating whether cash and checks found by plumbers during repair work at Lakewood Church are related to money. It was stolen in 2014..

The resurrected survey is a segment on a Houston radio station that was asked to talk about the most unusual and valuable thing to date, a plumber called “100.3 The Bull’s George, Morning Bullpen with Mo & Erik” on Thursday. It was done after. found.

Some callers talked about finding $ 100 or a ring about what they found while repairing a leaked toilet in the church about four weeks ago before the plumber was broadcast.

“When I went to remove the toilet, I removed the insulation a little and about 500 envelopes fell from the wall. I was like” awesome “. I got a flashlight and it glowed there, “the plumber said in a voice provided by a Houston radio station.

The plumber, who identified himself only as Justin, told a radio show that he thought the money-filled envelope was related to the 2014 theft, and immediately told the church’s conservatives. KPRC-TV First I reported the story of the plumber to the radio station.

George Lindsay, one of the show’s organizers, called the plumber’s story “most of the world, such a real moment we’ve ever experienced as part of the show.”

“It was really like a movie. It’s a movie plot. It’s not something that happens in everyday life. We were absolutely impressed by it,” Lindsey said. “You guess. What is this? What’s wrong? Why didn’t someone come back and receive this money? What are you doing on the wall? Why has anyone ever found it? Didn’t you? “

The Lakewood Church did not confirm the plumber’s account of what he found.

In a statement, Lakewood Church recently discovered undisclosed cash and checks during repair work, with additional details on the discovery and whether it could lead to a missing $ 600,000. Said he did not reveal.

“Lakewood immediately notified the Houston police to assist in their investigation. Lakewood has no further comments at this time,” the church said in a short statement.

In a statement on Friday, Houston police said police were called to church on November 10 after cash, checks, and money orders were found inside the wall.

Evidence from checks found while the investigation continued suggests that the money found on the wall was related to the 2014 theft, police said.

According to police, the undisclosed amount found on the wall was cataloged and “the Lakewood Church was a property found on the premises and was kept.”

In March 2014, the church reported the theft of $ 200,000 in cash and $ 400,000 in checks. The church reported that the money and checks received, and some envelopes with credit card information, were limited to the funds given during the Saturday and Sunday services the day before.

The church said the stolen money was completely insured.

Immediately after the robbery $ 25,000 reward Provided for information on resolution of theft. No arrest was made in this case.

Lindsey said the plumber needs to get some kind of reward for what he finds.

According to the Hartford Institute of Religious Studies, Lakewood is the largest megachurch in the United States, with approximately 43,500 people attending the service each week. The aired sermons of Ostine reach about 100 countries.

Money found inside church walls possibly tied to theft Source link Money found inside church walls possibly tied to theft

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