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Los Angeles (KTLA) – Monkeypox In the case in the United States, an actor who took the time between West Hollywood and New York advanced his own match against the disease.

Matt Ford, 30, published his story, lesions, and everything else. BuzzFeed Post It was called on Wednesday, “I have monkeypox — what this is and what you need to know.”

In short, he wrote, “This is … terrible, so you don’t want it.”

Ford learned that he was exposed to monkeypox on June 17th. He went to the doctor for a test on June 20, and three days later his positive test was confirmed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

“During that time, my symptoms got worse,” Ford explained.

The number and intensity of his lesions became so great that he experienced not only “I couldn’t sleep one night” but also “severe flu-like symptoms: fever, general chills, night sweats, cough, sore throat”. did. , And swelling of the lymph nodes “for about a week.

Ford described the dull, constant pain that “if you move it in the wrong direction, a small spike of sharp pain becomes fun.”

“Until I returned to my doctor and was prescribed a narcotic painkiller, only frequent bathing and ointments helped me,” he added. “Even those were ok to manage the pain.”

The experience was unpleasant, but Ford still considers himself lucky.

“Some of the people I know have reported mild cases, but the exposed web I’m linking to had some serious symptoms,” he says. I wrote on Twitter..

According to the CDC, there are currently more than 300 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the United States.

Ford is calling out to educate others, especially as some of the co-communication in Los Angeles was in between. Gay and bisexual men..

“From the data, this now seems to be primarily affecting men in queer. It’s by no means a homosexual illness and can spread to anyone,” Ford told KTLA. “But at this point, we’re mostly affected, so we’re worried that it might help some stigma, as we’ve seen in other epidemics. Affecting strange men. That’s why I’m trying to raise my voice to fight the stigma and emphasize to everyone that it’s not shameful to get it. “

He also believes that public health authorities should do more to facilitate testing and encourage vaccines.

“If you can get vaccinated, especially if you think you are in demographics where you can be more easily exposed to it, go get vaccinated,” Ford said. “There is no reason to experience this. It is unnecessary and miserable.”

Monkeypox patient opens up about his ordeal Source link Monkeypox patient opens up about his ordeal

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