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Mount Sterling, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Mount Sterling’s family seeks daughter justice after several racial incidents at Montgomery County High School.

Mom, a sophomore in Montgomery County High School, received an incredible text this week.

My daughter sent me the message, “If someone says something, if someone says to congratulate your cotton-picking hand, is it a racist?” Well, absolutely, “says Tara Thomas.

A few minutes later she received the call. She was like, “Mom, it was a teacher, not a student.” “

Students who prefer not to see their names or cameras went to the principal’s office. Her mom talked to the principal and the director-both parents weren’t happy with the response.

Student dad Edie Campbell says, “It just gives me the impression that it’s not high on the priority list … parents don’t have to deal with any type of situation that way.”

The family estimates that the minority population of Montgomery County High School is less than 10%. Therefore, it is even more important to clarify that such incidents are not okay.

“This is very serious. It happens more often than everyone really knows. When this happens, the general public, especially the African-American community,” said Campbell. Know that they are 100% entitled and taking action in these types of situations. “

This student faced two such racial incidents. One is even related to law enforcement agencies. Both student parents grew up on Mount Sterling. Unfortunately, they see their daughters’ experience of racism reflecting their own experience. This week, the family celebrated the other daughter’s finishing of eighth grade. Given the experience of her sister, they fear she could experience the same.

“She’s going to do exactly the same thing, and I’m not going to tolerate it anymore,” says Thomas.

In a statement, the director of the Montgomery County School said: “Student and staff safety is our number one priority. Alleged comments and actions do not exist in our school system and are unacceptable. When we become aware of concerns, I We will thoroughly investigate them and respond accordingly in accordance with our Code of Conduct, policies, procedures and professional ethics code. ”

“School systems and teachers need to be aware that it’s not okay. It affects me, my family, my daughter, and other families also affect this,” said Thomas. I am confident that I will receive it. “

The family contacted a lawyer about the case. Its representative tells LEX18 that this reminds us that we need to do more in 2022 to promote diversity and inclusiveness. They are looking for all the legal remedies available to this family.

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