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Monument voters to decide on switch to home-rule, sales tax increase to improve police department – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-07-21 22:04:22 –

MONUMENT — In November of this year, Monument voters decide whether to move the town to local government autonomy and raise local sales taxes to fund police services.

The Monument Board voted on Monday night to advance both voting initiatives aimed at improving the community.

Terry Hayes, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Trilakes Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corporation and Visitor Center, said: ..

“We are in desperate need of both to pass, which is very important,” said Don Wilson, the mayor of the monument.

The first step, known as an increase in public security funding, calls on voters to raise local sales tax by 0.5% in November to meet the critical needs of police stations.

“When I first arrived at the monument, I met with town staff, town managers, me, and executives to address some important needs. I remember the first week I came here. Community I had the opportunity to ride with one of the officers. I came on Saturday and was trying to decide which officer to ride with, but that day there was only one officer so I had one choice. There was. The first question was where the backup was. The lieutenant in the area would use that person. I met my commander that Monday and said it would never happen again. ” Said Sean Hemmingway, the chief of the monument police.

This will cause the department to hire eight more police officers, repair or replace police cars, hire a second sexual assault detective, two civilians, and comply with unfunded state orders from the passage of the accountability bill. can do.

“I call them three buckets. After making the mandatory buckets an industry standard, we look at the very important buckets that are bucket 2. Bucket 2 investigates crime and investigates Colorado Springs and El Paso County. How to talk to. How to share analysis, how to share data, how to make sure there is no suspicious information on the Colorado Springs detective’s desk. I’m looking for the same suspect, but they already know I don’t know what he is doing. I have identified him. “

He states that these are just some of the top priorities needed to help improve the department.

“My top priority in Bucket 1 is to add eight cops on the street and a second detective. Not surprisingly fast, but the number of sexual assaults in the monument There is concern. This is a very special type of investigation. It is very important not only to identify the victim’s perception of what happened, but also to investigate it in a particular way. You need to train a second detective specially trained for sexual assault and truly understand the need for how the victim feels with the person they are talking to, until they are sacrificed. ” Said Hemmingway. “The goal of this measure is to truly provide more police officers on the streets, make the streets safer, and address some of the state’s obligations through training.”

“Police have met with me over the last two years to explain how difficult it is to find some of the programs they need. We need more officers and more equipment. Increasingly, and when I recently met them, we started talking about safety devices and their lack of funding, and we rely on the private industry to raise that funding, “said the monument. The town manager, Mike Foreman, said.

If approved in November, the second measure will shift the town from statutory rules to self-governing rules.

“Currently we are governed by the state. We are a statutory town, not an autonomous town. Looking at the benefits of becoming an autonomous town, the main advantage is local administration.” Foreman said.

In the case of a home rule town, the inhabitants have more authority over how the government operates.

“This will increase public participation, board participation on zoning issues, and other tax opportunities with external entities. Like any other city, it will tax the hotel and motel industry and Please tell me how to tax them. Income will be paid to programs, roads and police. “

Monument voters to decide on switch to home-rule, sales tax increase to improve police department Source link Monument voters to decide on switch to home-rule, sales tax increase to improve police department

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