Mopar Jeep reveals SEMA 2021 Ram concept in Shadowy Images


After numerous cancellations in 2020, the car show is returning cautiously. SEMA show (Sponsored by the Specialty Equipment Market Association and not open to the public) will be held in Las Vegas in early November. Mopar Performance has released some teaser images of the concept to bring to the event. Mopar, a U.S.-branded parts, service and customer care division currently under Stellantis, provided five shadow sketches, but maybe the company created five concepts or some of the same vehicles. It is not clear if it is drawn.In the former case, Mopar has the concept of three jeeps and two rams. 2021 SEMA Show It runs from November 2nd to November 5th.

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Hybrid Wrangler Bicon

The first image is Jeep Wrangler Bicon, And it looks like a 4xe hybrid variant for the “e” branded charging port just behind the “Rubycon” graphic. Auxiliary lights can be seen attached to the hood, and the Jeep Performance Parts badge suggests that this 4xe will be adorned with off-road merchandise.

Lamb TRX

The following sketch shows a ram pickup, and judging from the grille design and vents on the far end of the headlights, this is a 702 horsepower Hellcat powered. TRX.. Other than the blue-painted tow hitch and ram badge, it’s not immediately clear what’s different about this TRX.

Military style rest mod

Mopar also brought a retro jeep to SEMA, and this teaser shows the 1960s jeep. Gladiator (Very fast Wagoneer I shared a narrow grill). This old-fashioned Jeep is painted in military-style green and features a grill guard, three spotlights and a barely visible “B33 RM3” flat bumper on one side. The front end of the vehicle is similar to that of the gladiator, so it could be a modified M715 military truck.

Wrangler Overlander

Mopar brings something else Jeep Wrangler To SEMA, this sketch shows an internal shot of a 4-door model. This image is very dark, but you can find a special raised roof with a series of thin windows. This suggests some camp and landing related concepts.

Lamb on a camping trip

The last teaser shows another ram pickup. This time it’s parked next to the tent and has some sort of storage rack on the bed.It’s not clear which model of the Ram pickup this is, but it suggests a less powerful version due to the lack of the typical TRX text normally embroidered on the rear fenders. 1500..

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Mopar Jeep reveals SEMA 2021 Ram concept in Shadowy Images

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