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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-16 20:57:34 –

Massachusetts’ eviction moratorium ends late at night, and many are concerned that mass evictions are imminent.

Protests and rallies were held to encourage lawmakers to delay their move, but the landlord tells NBC10 Boston that the end of the moratorium does not mean that people will come from their apartments on Monday.

Instead, they said it only started the eviction process, which can be time consuming.

Mitchell Matrine, who owns a rental property in Worcester, said he often comes before driving someone out of the apartment. “The mediation process to actually submit an eviction, hold a hearing, go to the mediator and resolve the dispute. This will solve many problems for landlords and tenants and evict people. I hope I can prevent it. “

Even under normal circumstances, eviction can take months, Matrine said.

“Most landlords don’t want to evict anyone. It’s expensive, so it takes time, and you get another tenant,” he said. “We need to find another tenant. That new tenant can also be a problem.”

Dozens of people protested outside Governor Charlie Baker’s Massachusetts home on Wednesday and heard their voice in the state’s eviction moratorium.

AJ Mazzola has six apartments in Norwood and said, “I’m fortunate to have long-term tenants, but they were all fired.” Still, according to Mazzola, they were still paying the rent.

He said he would work with the rent payer if he couldn’t keep paying the rent because a new stimulus wasn’t imminent. It’s a more stable pillar than them. “

Governor Charlie Baker has announced a $ 171 million initiative to assist tenants and landlords after the eviction moratorium is over. He also emphasized that the existing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eviction moratorium will take effect after the Massachusetts program is completed, preventing landlords from eviction of tenants who cannot afford to rent until the end of the year. (However, the tenant is protected).

The Baker administration’s tenant support plan has been approved by some home advocates, but some tenant advocates remain skeptical.

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