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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-11-24 17:59:35 –

Oakdale, ConnecticutWTNH) – Tom McCarthy, 34, lives an active life as a firefighter and a man in his family, but his big snoring has begun to affect others.

“At that time, I lived in the fire department and was chasing a lot of people by snoring, and my girlfriend complained,” McCarthy explained. “Snoring will make her stay up late.”

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Cannot be used normally CPAP Respiratory, McCarthy, now more and more like adults, UPPP Surgery, including partially removing his tonsils and stopping him snore And help him Sleep apnea..

“Their wives send them in, sometimes women will say they went on a trip with their friends, and they’re just snoring so loudly,” said Dr. Frank Delacono. SECT Otorhinolaryngology Associates.. “They will come by snoring many times.”

Dr. Delacono sees more adults choosing surgery to allow more airflow while the patient is asleep.

“You can reduce the soft part of the back where the uvula hangs down and make it harder. You can do laser reduction of the tissue that is a floppy,” says Dr. Delacono.

He states that sleep apnea can lead to blood pressure problems, sexual dysfunction, and even heart attacks.

“Sometimes I still snore,” McCarthy admitted. “But not so bad, [and] I got better sleep and better breathing. “

Dr. Delacono told McCarthy that surgery is not easy and recovery can take weeks. There is also an overnight hospitalization.

“I have a long day and I have enough energy to do it all. I feel better and can only sleep for about 6 hours at night.”

Regarding the results, Dr. Delacono states that half of the patients with sleep apnea are out of the CPAP machine or not so dramatic. He says the results of snoring are high.

“Surgery will probably get rid of snoring in about 90% of patients. Many bedmates are happy with it.”

Children can also be diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.Dr. Delacono says there are children diagnosed ADHD Or, for those who are experiencing focus problems at school, the very large tonsils and adenoids can actually interfere with breathing at night and snore.

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He says removing both can make a big difference to some children under the age of 18.

More adults having their tonsils removed to cure snoring Source link More adults having their tonsils removed to cure snoring

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