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More Americans returning to their old jobs, Linkedin says – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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A record number of Americans have quit their jobs, but some may later regret their decision.

In March alone, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs. This represents 3% of the total workforce.

Andrew McCaskill, a LinkedIn career expert, said: “They prioritized the wrong perks and the wrong benefits, challenging the remote location and the remote recruitment process. Not only did people not have the opportunity to ask the right questions, but cultural clues as well. I couldn’t tell you this was a good thing. A place for me. “

He said that if you are thinking of leaving your current role, you should first consider talking to your boss. He said they might be surprised to work with you to find another opportunity within the company.

Also, more and more people are returning to their original jobs. So-called “boomerangs” accounted for 4.5% of all new LinkedIn companies this year, up from 3.9% in 2019.

“It was difficult to take root in the company because some of it was in the middle of a pandemic,” said Jim Kilmas, a boomerang employee who returned to his former job 18 months later. “I lost the confidence that I could do important work with some of my colleagues to add value and influence.”

According to Linkedin, the average time it takes Americans to return to boomerang has also been reduced from 22 months to 17 months.

Historically, boomerangs have been considered negative, but now they are not. The tight employment market is giving employees an unprecedented voice.

Laura Mazzullo, founder of Eastside Stuffing, said:

“Your old job may be fulfilled now, but the opportunity you really have to go back to work and take in all the skills you had before and everything you’ve learned since then. May still have a big impact on the company, “says McCaskill.

If you’re staying at the company for a short period of time, McCaskill recommends that you create a well-thought-out answer when asked why you left the company. He added to ensure that you do it in good condition whenever you leave the company.

More Americans returning to their old jobs, Linkedin says Source link More Americans returning to their old jobs, Linkedin says

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