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Growing up in Hawaii, whose father was a Navy commander, Eric Johnson overlooks the sea and sees the USS Arizona Memorial, a 2,403 U.S. military and civilian killed in a Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. I was able to.

His father, Lloyd Reed Johnson, a supply officer who served in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, once told him, “Eric, once you join the army, don’t let it happen again.”

When 9/11 happened, he felt disappointed in his father.

Warrenton’s Johnson, 60, was a defense industry contractor, in the midst of decades of career at the National Reconnaissance General Bureau in Chantilly as an Air Force officer and civilian. Intelligence community.

Eric Johnson points to a picture of his father (left) standing with his uncle and grandfather.

He was at his desk when the hijacked plane struck. He was told to evacuate and said, “I went home and cried when I saw the news.”

Ten years ago, he participated in a desert storm operation working on the border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, helping the Allied forces liberate Kuwait and provide information to help overwhelm Saddam Hussein’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. was doing. The captain, who later retired due to medical disability, felt he had fulfilled his promise with his father.

“But since 9/11, the work hasn’t been done,” Johnson said. He is both proud and happy to know that the National Reconnaissance General Bureau was re-engaged in the pursuit and killing of Osama bin Laden in May 2011. “I felt closed,” he said.

His father is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. What is his plan to commemorate this 20th anniversary of 9/11? “I’m probably going to see my dad.”

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