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“Last year, this pantry served about 252 families. Now … looking at the same time frame, we serve 728 families,” says Elma Ortiz.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Inflation, whether gas or grocery, is hitting so many aspects of our lives.

Coastal Bend Food Bank Share with 3News What is the demand for help they see … and they are not alone.

Catholic charities We’ve been servicing coastal bends for decades, and now they’re Food pantry We are under pressure to meet higher support demands.

“Last year, in this pantry we served about 252 families. Now, in the same time frame, we serve 728 families,” said Elma Ortiz, director of crisis relief and self-sufficiency. I am saying.

Ortiz said that, as in almost all cases, inflation is driving the demand they are working on to meet.

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“That’s what everyone is complaining about. Food pantry has increased significantly because of food prices, lack of sufficient snap support, and rising gas prices,” Ortiz said. ..

Nonprofits are working to keep inventory on all six pantry shelves.

“They were all the way to the top. It was full around 3 pm. Three days later we were very busy and this is the way this morning,” Ortiz said.

Catholic charities Coastal bend food bank.

“If I was in desperate need, they came and they could always help us,” Ortiz said.

Some products are difficult to obtain.

“We’re running out of meat products from food banks, so we go out to HEB to shop when we can bring in meat products,” Ortiz said.

They also rely on donations that aren’t coming in fast enough.

“The Lent drive was a big help. The only thing that probably lasted only about two weeks and I got back to order again,” Ortiz said.

Nonprofits are working to get food on the shelves and need more volunteers.

“By the time we have three or four customers shopping here, we need to restock again,” Ortiz said.

Without that help, they would have to limit direct shopping and rely on handing out pre-packaged bags.

“We prepare the bag the night before. Unless it’s a crazy night working until 5:30 pm, we’ll come in and hand over the bag,” Ortiz said.

Despite the challenges, they continue their mission to serve our community.

“Currently, children are out of school, so we strive to fill these families with what the children at home need,” Ortiz said.

Not only do they stockpile food, they also help families find powdered milk.

“We see these young families coming in and sometimes crying,” Ortiz said.

Nonprofits recently received a large donation of the Similac formula, so if you need something like that, call them.

Even if they don’t have what you need, they will do their best to help.

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“Last week there was a young woman in need of a prescription that we couldn’t carry here. We could call and find her through another organization,” Ortiz said. I am saying.

If you want to receive infant formula, be sure to bring your child’s birth certificate.

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