More JFK assassination files to be released today

Washington — The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) will release a mountain of new documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Thursday, and has been in years to uncover some of the most important ones. Uncover never-before-seen government records in a long-running battle. Sensitive material related to Kennedy’s death.

under President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act In 1992, the government had until October 2017 to release all documents related to the assassination. Then-President Donald Trump released thousands of documents during his presidency, but withheld others on national security grounds.

In October 2021, President Biden released nearly 1,500 more documents, delay Release of most sensitive records until December 15, 2022 requires further review to “protect against identifiable harm to military defense, intelligence, law enforcement, or conduct of diplomatic relations.” said.

The archive last year said, “[a]All currently withheld information that the agency is not proposing a continued postponement after December 15th will be released, and federal agencies will further delay the release of some outstanding records. There is still the possibility that

Kennedy was shot dead on November 22, 1963, at the age of 46, while riding in a motorcade through Dallas. Although the Soviets acted alone, the investigation has been widely criticized by scholars and historians for nearly 60 years since the assassination.

Longtime JFK Watcher wanted Thursday’s release will shed light on what the CIA knew about Oswald before Kennedy’s assassination, particularly Kennedy’s activities in Mexico City, where he met with KGB officers in October 1963. He was shot dead in the basement of headquarters 2 days after Kennedy’s assassination, further fueling conspiracy theories as to whether he was solely responsible for the murder.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation, a non-profit organization that maintains an online database of records related to assassinations, sued the Biden administration In October, he accused the government of failing to meet the 2017 deadline for the release of all documents.

“These failures have resulted in confusion, gaps in records, excessive classification and outright rejection of thousands of assassination-related files,” the organization said. statement At the time, it called for judges to force the release of documents or establish a more transparent national security review process under the guidelines set by the 1992 law. More JFK assassination files to be released today

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