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More Nevadans are going out to eat this Thanksgiving – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-25 22:45:58 –

Desert Shores (KTNV) —Millions of Americans are traveling around the country for Thanksgiving holidays, so many have sat down for a big dinner. And while the family was digging and ready to eat, many weren’t ready to cook.

At the French bistro Marche Bacchus, they said this year’s bookings doubled from last year.

Some customers have said that the choice to go out this year has become easier for several reasons. Most important of them is that there is no cleanup and you are always tired of being trapped inside.

“I don’t care about the food,” said Bruce Bloch, a customer who is “friend giving” at Marche Bacchus. “I don’t like cleaning up myself, so I’d rather go out and let someone clean up after me.”

“I’ve noticed a lot of reservations for couples, or two or four people,” said owner Marche Bacchus Ronda Wyatt. “And many people don’t want to do all that cooking and cleaning with just a few people, so we’re the perfect solution for that.”

Marche Bacchus is located at 2620 Regatta Dr, Las Vegas, NV89128.

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