More Republican Toes To Acknowledge Biden’s Victory

A small number of Republicans, who made their own confirmation within 15 days of Mr Biden’s victory in the election, became increasingly blunt in assessing Mr. Trump’s outlook to overturn the outcome. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has issued a statement accusing the president’s pressure campaign on the state legislature as “not only unprecedented, but inconsistent with our democratic process.” In response to Mr. Trump’s criticism, Mr. Hogan proposed to the president to “stop playing golf and make concessions.”

“Again, in Michigan, that’s not a very thin margin, with 154,000 votes,” said Fred Upton, Michigan, one of the first Republicans to congratulate Biden and Harris in a CNN appearance. I did. Mr. Trump made false accusations of widespread fraud in Michigan and pressured state legislators to revoke the results, but “154,000 votes are enough to overcome,” Upton said. “That is, it’s over.”

Other Republicans, more tentative on Sunday, amplified Biden’s call for permission to begin the transition to the Trump administration, urging Mr. Biden to begin receiving intelligence briefings as part of the process. I tried to admit the victory. Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, Said on twitter When sharing a clip of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and warning about the consequences of withholding confidential information and access to government officials, “I agree that a briefing should take place. I will do it. “

North Dakota Republican Senator Kevin Cramer argued that Mr. Trump should have additional time to pursue a legal challenge to the outcome, but “started the transition. And at least it’s a past time to cooperate with the transition. ” Of the election. “I would rather want a president who has more than a day to prepare.”

Biden’s transition team members have announced plans to announce a cabinet appointment on Tuesday, but without prior information and updates on plans to develop and distribute the coronavirus vaccine, the new administration would He continued to warn that it would be a serious obstacle.

Jennifer Pusaki, senior adviser to the transition team, said on CNN’s “program” that the FBI’s background check, which is an important part of the Cabinet Secretary’s confirmation, will continue until the General Procurement Department “confirms” Biden. Said he couldn’t. victory. This process gives Mr. Biden and his staff access to federal resources, data, and personnel.

The transition team “wants to talk to the people who are working now so we can prepare,” said Louisiana Democrat Cedric Richmond, who will leave for his role in the Biden administration. “Meet Press.”

More Republican Toes To Acknowledge Biden’s Victory

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