More than 20 arrested across the Puget Sound in drug distribution conspiracy – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-04-07 17:30:00 –

Twenty-one were arrested on April 7 for prosecution and criminal accusation, according to Federal Attorney Tessa M. Gorman.

Law enforcement teams from the FBI, DEA, Seattle Police Department, and other public security agencies have executed about 90 investigation warrants across the Puget Sound region, from Everett in the north to Spanaway in the south.

In addition to 16 of the 19 people nominated in the indictment, five additional defendants were arrested in criminal charges. The arrested people will first appear in the US District Courts in Seattle and Tacoma in the coming days.

Nineteen defendants have been charged with four related indictments for both drug and gun crimes. According to the Justice Department, the removal on April 7 has a criminal history that prevented multiple defendants from legally possessing guns.

Prior to the removal, 33 guns were confiscated from the drug traffickers identified in the case. On April 7, another 40 guns were confiscated by law enforcement agencies.

What is stated in the indictment is:

Federal Way Eugene Maggie, 54

Seattle Larry W. Collins, 48

Seattle’s Jonathan F. Harrington, 43

Federal Way 48-year-old Randolph P. Brown

Marco Calvert-Majors, Seattle, 51

David A in Seattle. Kelley, 52 years old

Adam Anderson-Dotson, Seattle, 41

Seattle’s Gerel G. Ingram, 42

Tacoma’s Kefentse Lummba-Olabisi, 40

Tacoma’s Kenneth N. Lee, 58

Edward Coleman of Tacoma, 65 years old

Spanaway Jimmy J. Carter, 42

Kevin L in Seattle. Gipson, 45 years old

Tacoma’s Curtis G. Snipes, 50

Richard D. Lewis, Seattle, 47

Yusef H in Seattle. Parrish, 51 years old

Federal Way Terry Cameron, 61

Tacoma’s Michael L. Hopkins, 51

Renton’s Jammer J. Howard, 48

All defendants have been charged with drug distribution counts, including possession of cocaine and crack cocaine. Brown, Kelly, Parish, and Snipes have been charged with gun possession crimes, including felony and / or possession of a gun to encourage drug trafficking crimes.

The accusations contained in the indictment are merely allegations. A person is presumed to be innocent unless proved guilty in court beyond reasonable suspicion.

During the course of the investigation, law enforcement agencies seized 33 guns, more than 10 kilograms of cocaine, more than 2 pounds of methamphetamine, more than $ 160,000 in cash, fentanyl pills, and fentanyl pill manufacturing laboratories. On April 7, law enforcement confiscated another 40 guns, about $ 450,000 in cash, and about £ 4 of cocaine.

The investigation was led by the FBI Safe Street Task Force, with major participation in the Drug Enforcement Administration, Seattle Police Department and Drug Units, Land Security Investigations, and criminal investigations of internal revenue services.

According to a DOJ press release, FBI, DEA, Seattle PD, HSI, United States Marshals Service, Lakewood Police SWAT, Tacoma Police SWAT, Pierce County Security Officer Office, North Sound Metro SWAT, Washington State A patrol team was involved. Drug / Currency / Firearms K9 Support Protection from SWAT, Valley SWAT, Kent PD, Renton PD, US Postal Inspection Service, WA Liquor & Cannabis Board, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, and Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, US Customs and Border, Centralia PD , Washington State Patrol, Snoqualmie PD, Auburn PD, Stillaguamish PD, Bothell PD, Anacortes PD, Puyallup PD, King County Sheriff’s Office, and Tacoma PD.

More than 20 arrested across the Puget Sound in drug distribution conspiracy Source link More than 20 arrested across the Puget Sound in drug distribution conspiracy

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