More than 20 migrants afraid to drown in the worst channel tragedy

The French Interior Minister said many immigrants were drowned as they tried to cross the English Channel to Britain.

Gerald Dalmanin I have written On Twitter, he felt “shocked” by the “many” death disasters after capsizing a boat full of immigrants on the channel.

“We cannot fully blame the criminal acts of the smugglers who organize these intersections,” he wrote, adding that he was heading to the scene.

Agence France-Presse AFP said police had told it that more than 20 migrants had died.

It will make it the worst tragedy, as the crossing of small boats became an important means of secret migration to Britain about three years ago. The worst single case before Drowning Of four members of the Kurdish family in Iran off the coast of Calais last October.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex called the capsize a tragedy. “My idea lies in the dead and injured, the victims of criminal organizations that abuse their pain and misery,” he said.

According to 10 Downing Street, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair a meeting of the Emergency COBR Committee on the situation of the British Channel on Wednesday afternoon.

The number of people claiming asylum in the UK after passing through the channel has reached So far this year 25,700, More than three times the total of 8,469 in 2020.

There are numerous reports of individual deaths. French officials reported over the weekend that 31,500 migrants had left the French coast for Britain earlier this year. Of these, 7,800 were rescued and seven died or disappeared.

Two helicopters and three French ships from France and the United Kingdom participated in ongoing rescue operations.

French officials said they had been warned of a disaster by the crew of a fishing vessel who saw people in the waters of the Strait of Dover.

This year’s smugglers have begun using larger inflatable boats to bring more migrants into one crossroads. They also started launching from wider beaches and sent migrants to longer and more dangerous crossroads to avoid attempts by French authorities to stop them.

The movement of small boats has replaced previous secret ways to reach Britain, such as hiding in trucks. This is due to the increased scrutiny of these routes.

Wednesday’s strait was in very mild weather and there were many small boat intersections.

The steady flow of British border forces cutters was unloading men, women and children arriving in Dover. A large inflatable boat filled with a small hand pump to keep the ship inflated was also landing.

Additional report by Sebastian Payne

More than 20 migrants afraid to drown in the worst channel tragedy

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