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More than 200 business leaders sign open letter urging Congress to accept Electoral College results – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-01-05 13:22:29 –

Leaders of more than 200 U.S.-based companies sign a public letter on Monday to accept the results of the Electoral College in Congress and declare presidential elector Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election I asked.

Signed by executives such as BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink, United Airlines Executive Chairman Oscar Munoz, PwC US Chair, and senior partner Timothy Ryan, “No more for orderly transfer of power. There is no delay. “

“This presidential election has been decided, and it’s time for the country to move forward,” the letter said. “Presidential elector Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Electoral College Kamala Harris defeated the electoral college, and the court refused to challenge the election process. Congress voted on Wednesday, January 6th. Attempts to thwart or delay this process violate the essential beliefs of our democracy. “

“The next Biden administration faces the urgent task of defeating COVID-19 and restoring the lives of millions of Americans who lost their jobs and businesses during the pandemic. We are in modern history. Now that we are dealing with the worst health and economic crisis, our officially elected leaders deserve the respect and bipartisan support of all Americans. “

The letter was put together by a partnership with New York City, a non-profit organization of business leaders from New York City’s top employers.

On Wednesday, Congress will meet at a joint session to aggregate the results of the Electoral College votes. The procedure is usually more than the approval of the rubber stamp as a result of the Electoral College, but the result is that 12 GOP senators and dozens of Republicans cite unproven claims of widespread fraudulent voting. Promised to disagree with.

President Donald Trump also urged Vice President Mike Pence to act outside of constitutional obligations and “oppose” the outcome of the Electoral College on Wednesday.

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