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Horry County, South Carolina (WBTW) – Loggerhead turtles are returning to the beaches of South Carolina to nest as part of the sea turtle nesting season.

Park Rangers at Myrtle Beach State Park have said it’s been an average season so far, but South Carolina’s nesting season lasts until October.

Along the beach, you will notice certain roped areas, netted signs and spots. This is to prevent humans and other animals from interfering with the sea turtle’s nest. Park rangers said they saw a little over 200 nests in Holly and Georgetown counties. Some nests have 70 to 154 eggs, but it is too early to know when sea turtles will hatch and emerge.

“It’s actually a window of almost 20 days, so it’s very difficult to pinpoint exactly when it will appear. It usually appears at night, but if you want to take a walk on the beach at night, the turtle’s Don’t do that because you don’t want to get in the way. In that case, be sure to turn off all lights, all flashlights, and all phones, “says Park Ranger.

All kinds of light from the device can attract baby turtles away from the sea, so keep them away.

Park rangers said three sea turtle nests were found in the state park. According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, sea turtles grab an average of 120 eggs and hatch after 60 days.

Nesting sea turtles stay in the waters of South Carolina, continue to nest every two weeks, and nest up to six each season.

Park rangers said less than 50 nests were seen around the beaches of Holly County, as they are not a common nesting site for sea turtles.

“There were actually three nests in the state park, but we moved about 17-19 nests from the city of Myrtle Beach and private campgrounds to the state park,” Wilson said.

If you come across sea turtles or nests, don’t worry. Federal and state law protects these sea turtles. It is illegal to disturb or harass sea turtles and can pay fines of thousands of dollars.

More than 200 sea turtle nests seen in Horry, Georgetown Counties Source link More than 200 sea turtle nests seen in Horry, Georgetown Counties

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