More than 700,000 people visit the Pee Dee State Farmers Market each year – Florence, South Carolina

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Florence, South Carolina (WBTW) —You may be enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables grown on about 25,000 farms in South Carolina this summer. Every year, more than 700,000 people stop at the market on their way to Myrtle Beach or on their journey along the East Coast.

Certified products grown in South Carolina can be found at the PD State Farmers Market in Florence County. The market is on highway 52 between Florence and Darlington, convenient for I-95 and I-20.

The Pedy Market is one of three state-owned regional farmers markets. Open 24/7, we’ll show you the state’s best produce, plants, flowers, tasting events and new special crop initiatives this year.

According to market manager Bobby Sager, the goal is to attract more people.

“I think we have a big opportunity, especially with young people, our families,” Sager said. “The site is set up to be more enjoyable and we plan to play live music in the future.”

“I’m not always bored because I like to have different things every week,” said Somer Lawhon of Southern Produce and Plants. “We’re trying to buy at least two different products a week because you’re coming out and there’s something new and exciting.”

Lohon is also helping to attract more customers by redeveloping two vacant greenhouses on the premises.

The market also has an SC maid section. Can Cutter Creations, LLC. Vendors like Lisa Floyd rent an area featuring products baked, designed or cultivated in the state. Vendors are constantly changing, so there’s always something new.

Her work comes from recycled soda cans and molded clay.

“They can’t believe things are made from cans,” Floyd said. “Everyone says it’s a great way to recycle. They love it. They love it.”

Supporting local farmers and businesses invests money in the local economy. It is also environmentally friendly and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Learn more about what’s happening at the PD State Farmers Market Facebook page..

More than 700,000 people visit the Pee Dee State Farmers Market each year Source link More than 700,000 people visit the Pee Dee State Farmers Market each year

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