More than 80 Thanksgiving meals cooked for first responders – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-11-24 17:40:51 –

Safety Harbor, Florida — Giving us usually makes us “happy”. Billy Wilson reads the layout as he writes down the message in the takeaway box.

For Rachel Wilson, the owner of Gigglewaters, it’s contagious. Her daughter Billy is learning the importance of social service.

“I like to do hyper-local things, and this is our community, these are our firefighters across the street, these are the rescuers across the street, these Are the people who appear when we personally have an emergency, “said Wilson.

And the cooking work was shared for the second consecutive year. Chris Wicks, owner of the Daydreamers Cafe, couldn’t be proud.


“We’ve all worked hard, but those people are working extraordinarily hard,” Wicks said. “I can’t thank these people for being in our lives when not only maintaining the original work they have, but also putting the issues and needs of COVID on it. “

They whip 70 meals together at Sunstar for emergency medical care, and divide 10 meals into two safety harbor fire departments.

“It’s basic, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy,” Wilson said.

A delicious staple that attracts many of us around the table on the fourth Thursday of November. However, for many first responders, that is not always possible.

“”We eat as much as we can, but usually it’s running. So I’m really grateful when I get something, “said Angel Rexach, Field Training Officer at Sunstar.

This means much more in the last two years.

Joshua Daily, Sunstar’s Assistant Operations Supervisor, said:

According to Wilson, if you want to feed first responders, you can donate to a “feed the front line” program via Venmo @ Gigglewaters. 100% of the revenue goes to those meals and their programs.

More than 80 Thanksgiving meals cooked for first responders Source link More than 80 Thanksgiving meals cooked for first responders

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