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San Francisco — Alwolf is accustomed to clearing one or two snakes from under the house, but recently saw more rattlesnakes run around under a house in Northern California, and more than 90 rattlesnakes prepare for hibernation. I was called by a woman who was surprised to find her doing.

Wolf, director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, said he crawls under a house on the hillside of Santa Rosa and soon finds a rattlesnake. He got out of the bottom of the house, grabbed two buckets, put on long safety gloves and came back. He crawled around his hands, knees and stomach, flipping over 200 small rocks.

“I kept finding snakes for the next almost four hours,” Wolff said on Friday. “I thought,’Oh, good, it was a rewarding phone,’ but it’s not good, I’m glad I got out because I hit a spider web and dirt, smelled junk, musty, and was on my stomach. “Re-dirt. I mean it was a job. “

But the work paid off. When he first visited the Mayacamas Mountains house on October 2, he used a 24-inch (60 cm) snake stick to remove 22 adult rattlesnakes and 59 babies. He also found a dead cat and a dead possum.

He said all snakes were the only venomous snakes found in Northern California, the rattlesnakes of the North Pacific.

A wolf who rescued snakes for 32 years and was bitten 13 times answered a call about snakes under a house in 17 counties and saw dozens of snakes in one wild place, but under the house He said he had never seen it.

He said he would keep wild rattlesnakes away from people and sometimes on private land when ranchers demanded pest control.

Wolf said he plans to return home by the end of the month to see if the snakes arrive.

“We know it’s already a study place, thanks to the number of babies and women I’ve found,” he said.

Rattlesnakes usually hibernate from October to April, hiding underneath and looking for warm rocks and returning to the same location each year. According to Wolf, homeowners did not remove the rocks when they built the house, making it an attractive place for reptiles.

“Snake found the house to be a great place for them because the rocks protect them, but it’s a double insulation for them because the house also gives them protection from getting wet during the winter.” He said.

More than 90 snakes found under Northern California home – The Denver Post Source link More than 90 snakes found under Northern California home – The Denver Post

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