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More women who choose to “flatten” after a mastectomy

“Women cannot make informed choices if not given all the options,” Guthrie said.

Susan Brown, senior director of health information and publications at Susan G. Comen, states that it is important for patients to feel connected with their healthcare providers. If someone wants to consider flattening and doesn’t get support from a surgeon, it may be a second opinion, Brown said.

“One of the first things to stand out [about the study] “How important information is to the patient before he or she tries to make a decision or faces a decision,” said Brown. “The second is to acknowledge and understand the patient’s wishes.” How important is the doctor’s support to actually respect. The healthcare provider or patient can help with the decision because it looks like when it happened, and the patient is final. I am satisfied with the decision I made. “

Mastectomy has increased in recent years for a variety of reasons, according to Brown. The lack of reconstruction is not new, but it is not necessarily openly discussed, she said.

She suggested that patients seeking options could call the 1-877-Go-Komen helpline.

“I’m really looking for this as an option and want to bounce some ideas from someone, get support for what they’re thinking, and get a little help to get that second opinion. Patients who are certainly able to contact us Commen Breast Cancer Helpline for such information. “

This study was recently published online Annual Report of Surgical Oncology.. Attai is currently working with surgeons and patient advocates to develop new research tools.

“And we have several directions, one of which is to apply this to a wider patient population,” Attai said. “The other is considering our surgical education and confirming that general surgeons and breast surgery oncology fellowships are trained in flat closures.”

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The American Cancer Society details alternatives to breast reconstruction.

Source: Deanna Attai, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles. Susan Brown, MS, RN, Senior Director, Health Information and Publications, Susan G. Comen, Dallas. Catherine Guthrie, Cancer Survivor, Somerville, Massachusetts. Annual Report of Surgical Oncology, January 3, 2021, online

More women who choose to “flatten” after a mastectomy

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