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More2 reacts to investigation of former KCK detective – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-17 16:43:38 –

Kansas City, Missouri — a local social justice organization Federal Grand Jury Investigation Former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective. The grand jury is investigating the allegations that Roger Golbski has “exploited and terrorized” Black KCK’s inhabitants for decades.

Ricee Cade, Wyandot County Community Organizer at More2, said:

Kade is pleased to see the Golbski case caught the eye of federal authorities.she National spotlight It can cause accusations and provide some closure to victims and their families.

“For two years, I didn’t know that the sector was working with the federal government, or that the mayor was working,” Cade said. Put in a real police station to allow such things to continue under your nose for decades, it seems that there must be other corrupt people you know .. “

Former chief Terry Zeigler told CNN last month that he testified before a federal grand jury. He has been a Golbski partner for three years. Police also said they had responded to the FBI’s inquiries over the past two years regarding allegations made against Golbski.

“I would like to meet someone who was involved, or who helped him to be held accountable,” Cade said.

Kade believes that local control of the police station would have prevented these claims from being overlooked for a long time. A petition is underway on the More2 website for an investigation by the Justice Department. Golbski case..

More2 reacts to investigation of former KCK detective Source link More2 reacts to investigation of former KCK detective

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