Morgan Stanley says there are no vaccines or entries.

Morgan Stanley requires employees and visitors to be vaccinated against the coronavirus when they enter their New York office next month.

Beginning July 12, employees, dispatched workers, clients, and visitors to the Morgan Stanley buildings in New York City and Westchester County must prove fully vaccinated. Resource officer. Staff who did not need to work in remote areas were able to discuss HR-related issues anonymously, he added.

This requirement relies on the honor system for now, not proof of vaccination, but banks can remove other pandemic protocols such as face coverings and physical distance. Some office spaces in Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Securities, Investment and Wealth Management division already allow only those who have taken shots to work at their desks.

Companies all over the United States Address the question Whether to ask employees about vaccination status or request vaccinations from those who return to the office.Equal Employment Opportunity Committee Said Both actions last month Was legal.. Still, some senior executives are worried about employee backlash.

This month, Goldman Sachs said US employees need to report on vaccination status. Other major Wall Street banks, including JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, encourage workers to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status. Asset management company BlackRock will only allow vaccinated staff to return to the office next month. Bloomberg reported.. However, these companies were also unable to ask clients or visitors for proof of vaccination.

The· Previously reported Financial Times About Morgan Stanley’s vaccine requirements.

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Morgan Stanley says there are no vaccines or entries.

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