Morning Poll: Cicadas vs. Expectations – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-05-25 09:30:04 –

Cicada invasion Approaching the peak In the DC area.

Warmer weather this week will send more cicadas from the ground to trees, fences and sidewalks.We probably have Another month or so Cicadas make noises, mate, and lay eggs before things start to settle down.

And yes, given the appetite of birds and other local wildlife for winged delicacies, that also means more. Half-eaten zombie cicada I’m walking around from now until the beginning of July.

Given the approaching peak, you’re wondering how your expectations for Brood X are currently compared to the reality of the number of cicadas around the town.

More? Less? Please let us know by voting below.

Morning Poll: Cicadas vs. Expectations Source link Morning Poll: Cicadas vs. Expectations

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