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Pittsburgh (KDKA) — Good morning. Today is a high in the mid-40s, but this morning there is a possibility of snow first.

The more north you live, the more likely you are to snow this morning.

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It can also snow this morning on the west-facing slopes of Laurels.

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Morning temperatures in Pittsburgh should hover along I-80 near freezing and be several degrees above freezing.

Noon temperatures in Pittsburgh reach the low 40s, with today’s highest temperatures expected to be around 44 degrees Celsius.

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The weather is still expected to be 50 degrees on Wednesdays and weekends.

There is still uncertainty as there is an active polar jet for a week.

If the jet stays north as expected, the weather will be warmer in the seasons and there is little chance of snow.

Do you want to slide south? Hello waiting for the winter, it makes me a little feel whether it is what I feel to be a Canadian.

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These two air masses are set to fight it throughout the week.

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In most cases, warm air is expected to win, but like a good soccer game, both teams score and highlight, despite being fairly confident that warm air will eventually win. I have.

If anything, warm air wins this weekend, with highs projected to reach the 1950s on both Saturday and Sunday.

So far, really cold air has won this winter.

This month’s temperature is well below average by a whopping 7 degrees until Sunday.

With an average daily temperature of only 18.3 degrees Celsius in February 2015, it is now the coldest month on record.

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This year’s average temperature is 23.4 degrees Celsius, which is close to this.

When it reaches 50 degrees on Wednesday, it will be the first 50 degrees of the year.

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