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Riverside, California 2021-11-30 17:29:47 –

A group of Corpus Christi residents are trying to stop building car wash machines in their neighborhood.

John Baron and his neighbor are 3302S at the intersection of the Texan Trail in the Morningside district. I spent the morning protesting the request for rezoning on Alameda Street.

Land currently zoned as an “ON” neighborhood office district will be changed to a “CN-1” neighborhood commercial district.

Currently, there are three buildings on the corner, and once the rezoning request is approved, the developer (Joseph Ernest of Springville, Utah) can demolish the two buildings to build an open quick quack car wash. Become.

Gonzales, Bobby

Properties that are being considered for rezoning.

Recently, eight residents have expressed opposition to the rezoning request. Corpus Christi City Planning CommitteeThe meeting was held on October 27th. A vote will be held and a hearing will be held on December 8th at the Corpus Christi City Council.

Resident John Baron and some of his neighbors said they would continue to protest in the hope of gaining sufficient support to prevent the area from being subdivided.

Baron said the group was against car washing because of the increased traffic to the neighborhood.

“There are three schools here: WB Ray High School, Incarnate Ward Academy, and St. Patrick,” he said. “There are pedestrians everywhere. We are only concerned about the safety, peace and integrity of our neighborhood. We want to keep our neighborhood as it is in our office buildings to support the medical community. I am. “


Gonzales, Bobby

Residents attending the meeting agreed that the area was quiet during the day and that the Doctor’s Regional Hospital kept traffic to the area to a minimum, but in the evening, downtown workers wake up. Traffic will increase as the side area is used as a shortcut. The other side of the town.

Baron is worried that the car wash will remain open until late at night. Generally quiet residents said, but they said a car wash would change that.

“There will be a constant flow (of traffic),” he said. “This is a very efficient way to operate a car wash, but it will generate a lot of traffic in our corner.”

Planning Commissioner Sheldon Schroeder also said he was concerned about the current “congestion problem” in the region.

At a meeting on October 27, Ernest said, “We want to be a good neighbor, reduce noise levels from car wash machines, and adjust lighting during seasonal business hours,” according to a meeting of the planning committee. We are taking meaningful steps to do so. ” Minutes. He also said that the car stacking lanes in the car wash should not reach full capacity and should not run off the street.

However, Baron also said that there are several car washes in the area and no additional car washes are needed.

“There are many other car washes that our residents can drive,” Barong said. “They are very close. One is at HEB (Glazebrook and S. Alameda St.). One is at the corner of Staples, Kostoryz. At Weber.”

Digital content producer Ana Tamez contributed to this story.

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