Morris Brown College Partners with JPay to Bring a Music Lab – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-09-27 15:28:01 –

(Dr. Kevin James is holding a check with JPay representative, Morris Brown College student, and Dr. Bernard Short, chair of the Faculty of Music. Photo courtesy of Alexis Grace / The Atlanta Voice)

On Monday, September 27th, Morris Brown University announced a partnership with JPay to provide a music lab for music students.

JPay is a privately owned technology and financial services provider focused on providing convenient services to prisoners within the US prison system.

This announcement was made before the hip-hop contest hosted by the Faculty of Music. Students had the opportunity to judge the lyrics written by the imprisoned individual. The beat was provided by Grammy Award-winning producer Zaytoven.

Julian Ross, a junior music technology major at Morris Brown University, was thrilled to have the opportunity to hear the lyrics from those imprisoned.

“I’m a complete stranger and they understand that someone is going to hear and see what they have to say,” Ross said.

Ross believes he was chosen to judge the contest based on his ears for music, and is excited to count with Lecrae, a Grammy-winning artist who is a celebrity judge in the contest. I am.

Dr. Bernard Short, chairman of the Faculty of Music, believes the contest was personal to him and he had a family imprisoned.

“It makes a lot of sense to me to talk to people we are imprisoned for, because I am allowed to help in ways I can’t do for my family,” Short said. Said.

This is one of the many collaborations and contributions that Morris Brown University is working on, and President Kevin E. James is ready to work on the resurgence of historic institutions.

“HBCU has never returned after losing 20 years of certification. This is a necessary task,” said James.

JPay has donated $ 10,000, but James wants the community to help revitalize and give back to institutions in need. Morris Brown College is also a partner in companies such as Chick-fil-a and Edible Arrangements.

Since Morris Brown is the only HBCU in Georgia to run a hospitality management program, James has announced plans to build a hotel on campus that students can experience before graduation.

“I feel like God sent me to Morris Brown University to lend me what I had to offer to help Morris Brown’s resurrection,” James said.

He wants the community to embark on the idea of ​​a “hard reset” at Morris Brown University.

“We need people to go out and talk positively about our institution. We need financial resources,” said James.

He also emphasized that the institution is looking for a major donor to donate happily.

“We expect philanthropists to say,’What do you know?’ Morris Brown is a good ground and they proved they are a good ground, “James said last.

Morris Brown College Partners with JPay to Bring a Music Lab Source link Morris Brown College Partners with JPay to Bring a Music Lab

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