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Currently, five candidates are running to become the next mayor of Boston.

Mayor of Boston Candidates (from left) John Barros, Andrea Campbell, Annissa Essaibi George, Kim Johnny and Michelle Wu at the Mayor’s Debate on Thursday.

Today, throughout the city, Bostonian is in a ballot booth that throws ballots to anyone who thinks he should be the next mayor of the city. Currently, there are five candidates campaigning for the mayor, but when all votes are counted, only the top two candidates will advance to the race.

Ballot candidates are city council members Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell, former city economic development director John Barros, and deputy mayor Kim Janny Annissa Essaibi George.

Voting is open from 7am and ends at 8pm throughout the city. will continue to cover the big news of this election.If you want to know more about each candidate before the race narrows, you can read the candidate’s policies and politics In their own words Even as Continuous reporting In their campaign.

Before the votes were cast and the winners were announced, we asked readers who they would vote for in the primary. Of the 385 people who responded to the survey, the majority voted for Annissa Esaibi George as a candidate. Readers said she appreciates her “practical yet progressive” politics and her attitude towards issues such as education and police.

The candidate with the second highest reader support was the recent Michelle Wie Polling ahead Of her competitors throughout the city. The reader’s next choices were Andrea Campbell, John Barros, and Kim Johnny, respectively.

Earlier, the reader’s response details why we support your favorite candidates.

Which Boston Mayor Candidate Do You Vote for?

The response has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Annissa Esaibi George (40.1%)

“The decisions aren’t close. Anissa Esaibi George is rooted in real life, not a nice story point or academic urge. She runs a small business and lives in academia and government. Thank you for not spending time. ” — Eric, South End

“I think Anissa has experience in many areas where our city needs help. She is a business owner and a former teacher.” — Jamie, Nepon Set

“The only practical yet progressive candidate.” – Anonymous

“Anissa Esaibi George is the only candidate who understands how to run Boston Public Schools. Thanks to BPS’s improper leadership, the three exam schools are no longer exam schools, but a policy of fairness. Annissa Esaibi George listens to the entire Boston family who worked hard to prepare their children for an active education at the exam school. Esaibi George not only gained her position in Boston’s leadership. ” – Anonymous

Michelle Wie (32.7%)

“I’ve been consistently impressed with Michelle Wie for over a decade. She’s a smart and hard-working team player, sensitive to the needs of her members, and not afraid to make difficult and good decisions. . ” — Todd S., South End

“Because she has the most comprehensive and comprehensive plan in our city.” – Anonymous

“Michelle represents the leadership that Boston needs.” — Dave of Roslindale

“”[Wu] We have the wisdom, insight, compassion, and experience to make things happen for Boston. ” – Anonymous

Andrea Campbell (10.7%)

“Andrea Campbell is the best candidate with policies and plans to move Boston forward.” — James White, Dochester

“Campbell is real — a candidate with a solid record of activity in the city council. She is firmly committed to addressing the issue of racial and economic inequality in the city and reforming the police station. increase.” – Anonymous

“She is from Boston and is a proud graduate of a Latin school. She got what she needed for our city. Allowed children to go to college or start vocational training, A better school that wants to tackle our housing challenges head-on. Andrea is all day long! ” — Richard, Dochester

“The best candidate, as explained by the support of The Boston Globe. She has a finger on her pulse, is very smart and can withstand adversity. Go to Andrea!” – Anonymous

John Barros (8.4%)

“I went to high school with him. I remember him as a great man and I’m faithful to everything he says. Even if I don’t agree, he’s honest, belief, and well-thought-out plan. I know I’m acting in. No other candidate has demonstrated this. ” — John M., Charlestown

“Experience / lifelong efforts to improve the city, starting with the most deprived people since they were teenagers.” — — Sam A., Dochester

Kim johnny (8.1%)

“I think Mayor Jenny shares my values ​​about what is most needed to be fair, prosperous and safe for all Boston communities.” — Kyle Gichul, Dochester

“Boston is a city with a complex racial history, and Kim Johnny understands it better than any other candidate given his first-hand experience on the Boston Bus.” — C., South End occasionally interacts with its readers by conducting informal polls and surveys. These results should be read as an unscientific measure of the reader’s opinion.

Editor’s Note: The Mayor of Boston candidate will run in the primary elections on Tuesday, September 14, and the top two will face off in the general election on Tuesday, November 2.

Follow the news on to track the news of the race. Election live blog Please confirm Please visit the candidate information page As the primaries approach, regularly for Q & A with candidates, along with additional coverage of the race.

Most readers are voting for this candidate in today’s election Source link Most readers are voting for this candidate in today’s election

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