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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-11-29 12:38:15 –

Immediately after a Wisconsin jury shot and killed two unarmed men and acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse for permanently incapacitating another man, juries in the other two states were on their streets.

Find hope wherever you can these days. In the words of rock philosopher Meatloaf, “two in three are not bad.”

He also said a lot about racial prejudice in criminal justice, and few were surprised at the acquittal of a white Midwestern teenager firing with an AR-15 assault rifle on a crowded public road. But many welcomed the surprise of almost everyone-a white southern jury in Brunswick, Georgia. Three white men were chased by an unarmed black jogger on a pickup truck and convicted of being killed with a shotgun. Obviously, the stereotypes about racial prejudice in different parts of the country are not up to date.

The second important jury decision against deadly American violence occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was the scene of the violent Unite the Right Rally in August 2017, which attracted American Nazis and other white supremacist hatred groups from across the country to celebrate Donald Trump’s elections and protests. Removal of federal statues.

Trump publicly claimed that many of the participants were “very good people,” but the jury threatened, harassed, and violently conspired against all defendants and their hatred groups, 2600. I ordered you to pay $ 10,000 in damages.

Wisconsin was progressive

There was a time when Wisconsin was considered one of the most progressive states in the United States, and the southern states were ignorant and violent deficits that fled by putting the law in their hands.

It was only about 10 years ago that tea party Republicans like Senator Ron Johnson began pushing their party to the far right. Trump to Charlottesville as his model to attack the U.S. Capitol with his violent supporters to end democracy by blocking Congress from recognizing President Biden’s elections. I used an attack to take it all the way to Crazy Town.

The Charlottesville trial is a jury on language tips recommended by the Nazi website The Daily Stormer to avoid prosecution for publicly alleging violent attacks on racial and religious minorities. We held a seminar for members. “Most people aren’t happy with the material they come across as ferocious, angry, and ironic hatred,” Stormer’s writer advised. “Uneducated people shouldn’t be able to tell if we’re joking. This is obviously a trick, and I really want to blow gas into Kike, but it’s here. Is not there either. “

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The historical irony since Kyle Rittenhouse became the hero on the far right is “Did you see Kyle?” It was a humorous chord phrase to identify fellow Nazis in the closet. The joke is that “seeing Kyle” sounds exactly like the word “Sieg Heil” used in Nazi salutes.

Trump’s malicious attack

Trump was by no means a big reader, so he probably didn’t learn rhetorical techniques from Stormer, but his supporters have always claimed his vicious racial attacks and are outrageous at public rallies. A lie is really a big joke for “owning a library”. Perhaps by welcoming them to major American political parties, it was the Nazis who learned at the feet of their masters that took their crazy fringe, the anti-democratic political movement to new heights.

Playing cards are gone. His angry and hateful presidency has been firmly defeated by the American people, but elected Republican leaders are still afraid to keep his supporters away. Fear is just the right word. House and Senate Republicans were piled up to protect themselves from violent mobs as enthusiastic as killing Congressional Republicans who refused to kill Mike Pence and Trump’s bids. Nancy Peroshi and AOC survive the January 6 riots hiding behind a locked door.

The Charlottesville jury knew that Trump’s violent Nazi supporters weren’t kidding. The organizers then dropped all the pretense of joking in a nasty online post that enthusiastically predicted bloodshed in the Battle of Charlottesville. Christopher Cantwell of the Nazis had already been imprisoned for violence after students at the University of Virginia marched on campus, shouting, “Jews will not replace us.” Heyer described it as “the bleeding comedy filth sent to the morgue.”

It is a mistake to dismiss the American Nazis in our society as some confusing, violent incompatibility from another era. Trump’s hateful presidency put their violent tactics on his behalf a clear and present danger to our democracy. Most American judges and juries punish violent civilian vigilants on our streets. Republicans also need to keep the party away from Trump’s violent supporters.

Joel McNally

Joel McNally is a national award-winning newspaper columnist and longtime political critic on Milwaukee’s radio and television. Since 1997, Joel has been writing a column for Shepherd Express and has been an editor for two years.

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November 29, 2021

11:38 am

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