Mostly white jury seated in trial of Kim Potter, cop caught on video shooting Daunte Wright in Minneapolis suburb Brooklyn Center – Fresno, California

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Minneapolis-A nearly white jury was seated on Friday for a trial of a police officer in the suburbs of Minneapolis charged with shooting death of Daunte Wright, and the opening statement was scheduled to begin next week.

Kim Potter, 49, was charged with manslaughter on April 11 after shooting a 20-year-old black driver, Wright, after traffic stopped in the suburbs of the Brooklyn Center.

White Potter said she intended to use Taser at Wright after he tried to get rid of him while the cop was trying to arrest him, but she accidentally pulled a pistol. Her body camera recorded the shoot.

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The last two juries both took turns and were seated immediately on Friday morning. The opening statement is scheduled for Wednesday.

Of the first 12 juries seated, nine (those who deliberate when alternatives are not needed) are white, one jury is black, and two are Asian. It is evenly divided between men and women. The two options are also white.

The jury is in close agreement with the demographics of Hennepin County, where about 74% are white. Its composition was carefully watched, as legal experts stated that a variety of juries by race, gender, and economic background were needed to minimize prejudice in the legal system.

The jury is significantly less diverse than the jury elected to the trial last spring by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin at the death of George Floyd. In that case, the 12 people deliberated were divided into 50-50 between Caucasians and people of color.

Chauvin’s jury was “mostly a draw luck,” said Ted Sampsel Jones, a professor at Mitchell Hamline School in St. Paul.

He stated that racial and ethnic diversity is important in terms of recognizing the jury’s legitimacy, but police and police attitudes are far more important to the outcome of the case.

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“In general, it may be true that blacks are more distrustful of police than whites, but not all individuals,” Sampsel Jones said. “For example, many young whites in Hennepin County are far more progressive and anti-cop than some older blacks.”

Alan Tuerkheimer, a Chicago-based jury consultant, said that even one color jury is enough to change the dynamics of the deliberation by bringing a deeper and different perspective to the process.

Lawyers and judges have spent considerable time investigating jury candidates on their views on protests against the frequent police atrocities in Minneapolis, even before George Floyd’s death.

The questionnaire asked about attitudes towards police, such as whether police officers should be guessed again, whether they should be respected, and whether they are trusted.

For example, Jury No. 11 said he “to some extent agreed” that police officers should never be guessed again.

“I think you can just react or you get the wrong reaction, but you make mistakes,” she said. “People make mistakes.”

She sat down after saying that she could set aside that view and review the evidence.

Some juries strongly objected to the absurdity of questioning the actions of officers. Jury No. 19, the only black man in the jury, wondered how Potter could show such a “misjudgment” in her experience.

“This is an easement job. When you get this position, you need to understand that it’s a tough job, so you need to maintain that level of professionalism when you get that position. “She said of police officers in general.

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Potter, who resigned two days after Wright’s death, told the court that she would testify. The body camera video recorded the shot, and Potter said “taser, taser, taser” before firing, and then heard “grabbed the wrong (explosive) gun.”

Wright was shot at the Brooklyn Center when Chauvin was being tried 10 miles (16 kilometers) away for killing Floyd. Wright’s death caused fierce nights of protest in the suburbs.

The most serious accusations against Potter require prosecutors to prove recklessness. The few only require them to prove responsible negligence. Minnesota’s Sentencing Guidelines require a manslaughter of just over 7 years and a manslaughter of 4 years. The prosecution said it would seek a longer ruling.

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Mostly white jury seated in trial of Kim Potter, cop caught on video shooting Daunte Wright in Minneapolis suburb Brooklyn Center Source link Mostly white jury seated in trial of Kim Potter, cop caught on video shooting Daunte Wright in Minneapolis suburb Brooklyn Center

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