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In a year when her children are old enough to drive and graduate from high school, Cheryl Daniel hopes to see her two children again someday.

“I can still feel them. Not very strong. They seem to be far from me, but they probably feel alive,” Daniel said.

Night of September 23, 2012, 7-year-old Gauge Daniel and 9-year-old Croix Levelet lived in Bedford County with their grandparents when a fire broke out at home. The remains of both grandparents, dogs, and even small pet birds were found. However, there were no signs of gauge or croix.

“There are no teeth, no moor cells, nothing,” Daniel said.

That’s why the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert, and even now, nearly nine years later, it’s still considered a missing person case, not a death investigation. Last year, TBI shared an advanced photo of Gage and Chloie, now 16 and 18 years old.

Aging photo of TBI Chloie Leverette and Gage Daniel.

“I spoke to the crematorium, and they said they would cremate the body, it must be 5000 degrees. My mother and father’s house was just 1800 degrees. And [even after] They cremate the body, they still have muscle, and there are some bones they need to grind because it doesn’t burn, “said Daniel. “Something would have been left. They would have found something in Croix and Gauge.”

Several experts have been brought in several times to sift the debris. Every time I checked the remains of a child, I didn’t miss it.

Daniel believes that the fire was deliberately set.

“This is a real fact. My parents, they … they would have fought and died for my children. I don’t think the fire was the cause, because everyone killed my baby You can’t get it without it. ”

For those who have some idea of ​​where her children are, Daniel asks them to somehow hand it over.

“Just pick up the phone and say where you are, you don’t have to type in your name, number, etc.,” Daniel said. “I use Facebook Messenger. They can send it to me.”

Daniel was fighting addiction when her children went missing. From there she went around completely and is now working as a certified peer recovery specialist.

What is important for her now is to take her children home.

“You don’t know you’re hurt until you lose your child. You don’t.”

Cheryl Daniel, mother of two missing children

Daniel goes on to say: It will take them home. ”

As these children have been missing for a long time, the TBI is seeking information to help resolve the case. They will be particularly interested in talking to someone who was in the Kingdom Road area of ​​Bedford County on September 23 or 24, 2012.

Tips can be sent by calling or emailing 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Daniel will hold an event on July 11th for the general public to celebrate Croix and Gauge’s birthday.

Mother believes children are alive after 2012 deadly Bedford County fire Source link Mother believes children are alive after 2012 deadly Bedford County fire

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