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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Albuquerque’s mother says she is dissatisfied with the court system and wants to change her son. She says he’s been thrown into an ankle monitor and continues to get into more trouble, so he’s staying in jail for help.

Over the past few years, Jade Gordon’s son has been charged with everything from threatening people to the batteries of family members. She says her son Shane Ward has had problems since childhood.

“From an early age, he began receiving counseling at various institutions,” Gordon said. “He has basically been on the path of destruction.”

She states that UNM diagnoses him as a conduct disorder and, as an adult, he can develop a tendency for psychopathies or sociopathies. As he gets older, she says things just got worse.

“When he was 18, we actually kicked him out of the house. We wouldn’t allow him to go home anymore,” Gordon said. “Specifically, we had young children at home, and they didn’t want to do what he did or what he said at home.”

Just in the last two years, a 23-year-old rap sheet threatens a former boyfriend’s family with text messages such as “Your family will be slaughtered” and “I’m on my way to your home” is included. He would “cut off the heads of (your) children.” In another case, he strangled the man and was charged with imprisonment. The temporary detention order from the victim was rejected.

Gordon says he wants the judge to detain his son rather than slap his wrist or probate. “I honestly believe the system failed my son,” Gordon said. “The judge releases him and keeps releasing him.”

In the battery case, he was sentenced to a judicial transaction and postponed. Since then, records show that he has had at least three probation breaches.

“Police are fighting to attract these people,” Gordon said. “When they are pulling them in, the judge slaps, slaps his wrists, and throws them out immediately.”

She says Ward has assaulted her 13-year-old son in the past few weeks. After that, he amputated his ankle monitor again and is now running. A warrant was issued on June 15, following the case, according to New Mexico court records.

“If he recently hit a 13-year-old kid, I’m looking online and there’s nothing to show that he’s being billed for new files,” Gordon said. “My husband and I asked him to impose a complaint, and I want him to learn from his mistakes.”

Gordon says he doesn’t want to see the ward hurt. But if she doesn’t get the help she needs behind the bar, she’s afraid of her family and others. “I’m deep in my heart and believe that at some point someone could die,” Gordon said. “I just hope he sees this and gives up.”

KRQE News 13 contacted the District Attorney’s Office for Bernarillo County to find out why Ward was fired so many times. They say they filed three separate motions to revoke his probation, two of which were dismissed and the court was able to revive his probation. The DA office states that the third motion is still pending.

Mother frustrated with New Mexico court systems Source link Mother frustrated with New Mexico court systems

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