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Centennial, Colorado (AP) — A man’s mother, who was hit with a hammer at her home in the suburbs of Denver nearly 40 years ago and was killed with her wife and one of her two daughters, has a bloody body next to her. Says he found. kitchen.

Connie Bennett testified Tuesday at the beginning of the murder trial of former Nevada prison inmate Alex Christopher Ewing.

In 2018, Ewing was associated with the murder of Bruce, Debra Bennett and his seven-year-old daughter Melissa in Aurora in January 1984, through DNA evidence.

Vanessa, the second daughter of the couple, was also beaten but survived.

Ewing’s lawyers say other evidence shows that multiple people are involved and that non-Ewing people are responsible.

Immediately after the 1984 murder, no suspect was identified. No witness could provide an explanation for the suspect. In 2017 she told Denver7 She still visits the family grave.

“I still like to come here often and visit them,” she said, sitting beside the three-named tombstones at the time. “It was January 16, 1984. The worst day of my life. They called it the” hammer murder “at the time. “

He was identified as a suspect in 2018 through DNA evidence.

2018, Arrest warrant issued for Ewing, Colorado For murder. He is currently in prison in Nevada for attempted murder and robbery, and was convicted of attacking a couple with an ax handle in a bedroom outside Las Vegas.

According to court records, the warrant had a total of 18 counts. Three counts of felony murders. One attempted murder after deliberation. Two counts of exacerbated sexual assault. One count of assaults with deadly weapons. Two counts of sexual assault on children. 1 count of one robbery with a weapon. Strengthening of three sentences against violent crimes that cause death. Two sentence enhancers for violent crimes, including weapons.

Around the time the warrant was published, Colorado Research Director John Camper said the investigators were earlier in 2002. Matched DNA profile We took up Bennett’s murder and matched it with the DNA profile collected at Lakewood’s Patricia Smith murder scene, which was killed six days before the family murder.

Camper said Nevada prison officials entered Ewing’s DNA into a database in early July and the CBI discovered the match the next day.

Ewing was handed over To Colorado in the spring of 2020. Judge selection began on Friday.

Mother of man killed in Colorado hammer attack testifies Source link Mother of man killed in Colorado hammer attack testifies

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