Motor Bella, the first outdoor Detroit Auto Show, was strange but cool

Pontiac, Michigan — Last year Detroit Auto ShowAlso known as the North American International Auto Show, we will be traveling on a new summer day. After that, a pandemic broke out and a new summer show was scheduled for 2021. After that, the pandemic continued.So in another revision, the show was merged with another planned one. Car show Called Motor Bella, it was all moved in September to the M1 Concourse Race Track Pontiac.. We were there this week, and like the Chicago show earlier this year, it was a bit weird — but it’s still pretty attractive, and in the future the Detroit show may be better than before.

News Editor Joel Stocksdale: It was a dark and stormy night. No, wait, it’s not. It was a gray drizzle morning. I will go there. And on the shuttle from the parking lot, we didn’t know exactly what we were doing. But once inside the gate, this strange show began to make some good impressions. In one corner, Stellantis was trucking a huge pile of soil. Jeep And Ram rides together, and sometimes you will hear Ram TRX open its pipe just before it jumps into the air. Then there was a series of decorative lights decorating the aisle towards the main building and several other tents, leading you to the infield with the main display. And when we step into this section we’ve noticed, this is a real show. Cars lined up at the end of the railroad tracks, and there were huge tents and displays. Ford When GM It was in the middle of the skid pad.When Unlike chicago, Everything is already built and ready.

Indeed, the scale of some things has been dialed back. Some manufacturers, such as the Big Three and Toyota mentioned above, still had large professional booths, similar to those on the floor of the Detroit TCF Center. However, most other car makers only parked their vehicles along the course with a single flag or perhaps a small tent. Some of these companies Local dealer.. But at the same time, some of these brands weren’t represented at all in Chicago. And brands that still have big displays have grown from time to time. Some had for sale. Like Ford’s Augmented Reality booth, others had a unique experience.

But perhaps the best part of all this was action. We’ve already touched on the Stellantis demo, but some of the other editors have elaborated on it, but there were also other car exhibits. Toyota brought out a lot of race cars, SEMA I was running them in different parts of the car and truck.These included one of Ivan’s “Iron Man” Stewart’s Baja Tundra, Supra NASCAR car, Toyota sequoia Drag cars, and some mods Supra.. It was a lot of fun to see these in action, and I think guests are also very happy to see them.

The extra space and the opportunity to do a more impressive dynamic display really stood out to me, which could revitalize the car show. Probably not for the media, but for the general public. The show is already a chance to get familiar with the car, and seeing them being driven the way they were intended enhances it. It gives people more reasons to visit. So Motor Bella was a little weird, but it’s in something.

Road Test Editor Zack Palmer: It was more fun In the car More than I had before at Motor Bella Car show, And it’s all thanks to being held at the actual racetrack.After some press conferences (in a crowded room) in the morning, I found something fun to do with my peers Auto blogger John Bertz Snyder. First hit Ram’s TRX jump experience. It was noisy, especially thrilling.Also, it was impressive how well I witnessed it. TRX After being launched into orbit, it will land — you will be amazed at how soft the impact is.

Then I got on Ford F-150 That lightning President Biden I drove earlier this can Check out the First Ride review here.. In short, Lightning is promising and not too poor around the race track.Then jumped into the back seat Ford Mustang Mach-EGT Performance Edition.. You can see that it is fast enough to go around the track on the GT badge. It tears aggressively and the momentary electric torque is just great to kick you out of the corner.

I rained temporarily, but that’s the risk you take at an outdoor car show. If it was sunny at 70 degrees, we couldn’t find the best place for such an event. However, sitting at my desk, this formula is a bit safer, as it is predicted that it will continue to rain in southeast Michigan for more than 24 hours (because the flood canceled the day’s activities). I’m starting to think it might be. Bet if it’s a place like Los Angeles. Manufacturers are spending a lot of money to make a car show happen, and going out can always result in rainouts and wasted investment. If this car show were to take place at the TCF Center in Detroit as usual, there would be an event today as well.I rather have NS An auto show rather than no auto show at all.

Associate Editor Byron Hard: What really impressed me at this year’s show was the scale. The media circus prior to each major public show has been steadily declining over the past decade, but the pandemic has actually pushed things out of the turmoil. Not a full day of debut that attracts attention Bronco Raptor teaser and some trim packages. And Toyota showed me the tundra again.

There was plenty of room for the activity as there was very little space to devote to the press conference. Automakers often add driving and ride-along experiences at some of the country’s larger car shows, but if you’re going to grab the steering wheel, there’s no substitute for a real outdoor venue, and Motor Bella We provide such an experience with Spades. The M1 Concourse may not be the most impressive racing aspect we’ve ever driven, but it’s a more suitable track than you can say about the basement of a local conference center. And the dirt course set up by the facility defeated the typical carnival ride-style metal hills and ridges.

What’s more, does anyone hate seeing expensive tech machines in the V8 soundtrack that rips in the immediate vicinity?In addition to Motor Bella, this year’s show Detroit 4 FestSo whenever it seems that blasting a short course with someone else’s TRX is over-controlling the environment, head to Hollyoaks ORV Park on your own truck and learn how to get dirty in the real world. I can.

Senior Editor, Green, John Bertz Snyder: I didn’t have high expectations for Motor Bella, but I left the show physically tired, but mentally and emotionally stimulated. It was a relatively light workload for the press — there wasn’t much breaking news — it left more time to spend with the cars on display and the cars moving around us. It was easy to understand how such a hands-on outdoor event could resonate with the general public and enthusiasts who buy a car. In addition, I was able to focus on getting used to the vehicle for the pandemic, as I didn’t have to run through the road to press conferences, camera angle battles on crowded stages, and access to executives for sound bites. And the turmoil it brought to our normal way has not yet been seen directly by us.

There was a carnival atmosphere throughout. There were real vehicles showing real performances on trucks and off-roads, rather than static exhibits in sterile booths. Instead of just sitting in a car on the show floor, you can go for an absolutely thrilling ride to some of the latest and most exciting cars from these manufacturers. Imagine expanding and imagining something like this with more car makers, more vehicles, more experience … it’s for car enthusiasts as Oshkosh has for aviation enthusiasts. It could be a place of pilgrimage. There were also two food trucks and a shop selling elephant ears and corn dogs. On the other hand, the roaring engine from the closed part of the track and the soundtrack of the screaming tires helped to set the mood.

Personally, it was great to meet our media and PR colleagues. These are the people we are used to driving, eating, discussing and discussing in the course of our normal work, but often we haven’t seen them for more than a year.Can chase the man Self-driving car See how the company we were talking to, or another outlet journalist, likes their new job. It was great to hear from the people I saw in the office every day about the car. I could even see a picture of Zack Palmer’s cat.

And there was really special hospitality, such as catching the air with the Lamb TRX and riding a hot lap. Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition. I even scratched the itching of my Ford F-150 Lightning, which has been plagued since the truck’s exposure. Now I’m very excited to drive it. On earth, I’m once again excited about the track in general. long time no see..

While I’m trying to rejuvenate the M1 Concourse and dodge the distractions of working from home, I feel like I’m re-immersing myself in the industry we cover, rather than as reporting from afar. (Boring kids need a lot of attention, guys). Recalling just how exciting this job is, I’m ready to reveal the next show, the next drive, and the next car.

I know one thing: Car-loving kids at shows like Motor Bella could never get bored. And even though there were relatively few break stories and it was raining constantly, I couldn’t do it either.

Motor Bella, the first outdoor Detroit Auto Show, was strange but cool

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