Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church

                                  Mount Mary Church

Located in the suburbs of Mumbai lies the Mount Mary Church also known as ‘The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount’. It is one of the most popular churches in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, India. Not only Christians but people belonging to different faiths and religions visit this place on a daily basis.

One can find a number of places of religious importance in the city of Mumbai. These religious places and structures belong to a number of faiths and beliefs. This state in India is both culturally and historically sound. There exists religious structures belonging Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. One can very well witness unity in diversity in here. Thus, for people who like travelling religious place sin particular must visit Maharashtra once in their lifetime.

Talking about Mount Mary Church, this particular church is a very functional. Masses are held regularly and the church experience a huge influx of visitors on Sundays. Festivals associated to Christianity are celebrated with great pomp and show in here. Thus, a visit to Mount Mary Church during festivals is a treat to one’s soul.

About Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church is a Roman Catholic Church and is situated atop a hillock. It is 262 feet above the sea level. As a result of which the church enjoys a panoramic view of the different shades of blue of the coast of the Arabian Sea. This is an ancient structure and yet it has not lost its glory yet. It is made out of stone. A very peculiar aspect of this church is that people offer the wax figurines of what they desire in order to appeal to Mount Mary. The streets that lead to Mount Mary Church are flanked by shops which sell candles, flowers and other offering stuff.

Mount Mary Church is a beautiful semi-gothic structure. The basilica is 68 feet broad and the entire structure is supported by strong buttresses. The entrance of the church has a stunning door and beautiful windows on either sides. When one enters in to the church one can see two magnificent arches. The overall beauty of Mount Mary Church is a result of wonderful architecture and skilled craftsmanship.

Legend behind Mount Mary Church

Mount Mar Church has a very interesting legend behind it. It is said that in the 1700s, Bandra was invaded by a group of pirates. They had entered the church in search of treasure. But to their dismay they could not find any treasure in the church. Out of disappointment they cut one of the arms of the statue of Mount Mary and decided to set the entire church on fire. Just when they were going to execute their evil plan, a swamp of bees entered the church and attacked them. They were left all bruised and writhing in pain. In order to protect the devotees from disappointment, the damaged statue was replaced with a statue of Our Lady of Navigators from the side alter of St. Andrews Church.

Then a Konkan fisherman dreamt that the statue of the mother was in the sea. To his surprise he did find the very statue in the sea the very next day. Then in the year 1761, the church was rebuilt and the statue of Our Lady of the Mount was fixed by molding in a detachable statue of an infant Jesus. This is the very statue we see today in Mount Mary Church.

A Tourist’s Guide

Mount Mary Church is open on all days of the week from 6 am to 9 pm. Entry is not ticketed here. The Bandra Railway Station is in close proximity to the church. The nearest bus stop from here is Mount Mary Steps which is just at a mere two minute walk from here. In addition to this other public transport facilities like cabs and autos are readily available. Mumbai hosts a range of hotel options. So, accommodation is not a problem too.

One the 8th of September every year a feast of Our Lady of the Mount is celebrated with great pomp and show. A visit to the church during this eight day long festival will indeed be a wonderful experience. The ones who in search of peace and tranquility must visit this place.

Vaagisha Singh

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