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Mountain Shadows community challenges potential rezoning – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-10-05 22:31:10 –

Colorado Springs — 2424 W. Garden of the Gods real estate owners have submitted proposals to rezoning the area, annoying several homeowners nearby.

Currently, the property has a large office complex.

Katelynn Wintz, Senior Planner, Colorado Springs, said he received an application for a concept plan, a zone change, and an industrial-to-office / commercial master plan amendment. Wintz described the plan as a basic and general design, saying the city is still under consideration.

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For this application to be approved, the plan must get a green light from the City Planning Commission and the City Council. The complete process is described in the flowchart below.

According to Wintz, the project is currently in internal review and a neighborhood meeting will be held this week.

Dozens of neighbors contacted the city and FOX21 and expressed opposition to the rezoning project because of road, safety and asset value concerns. Some have argued that if large homes were built, the infrastructure for fire, schools and police would be inadequate.

“They’re looking for zoning where almost anything can be put in, such as grocery stores, gas stations, office complexes, apartment town homes,” said David Buckley, a member of the Mountain Shadows community. Says. “I don’t know how the city can justify putting so many people in this neighborhood when the streets can’t handle the current traffic.”

But Wintz said it might be premature to talk about the potential impact at this stage of the process.

“We have a general idea of ​​the different types of applications that can be developed, but until the development planning stage, we don’t know what the real estate owners will propose.” Said Wintz.

All of the proposals are conceptual at this point and approval of the plan can take 3-6 months.

If this rezoning plan is approved, additional plans for what may be physically built on the property must go through the same process.

“We evaluate the needs of all users of this space and do our best to benefit the community in what we do,” says Wintz.

“There is more than one good reason these people were able to come here and build such a complex. I don’t know why the city accepts it,” Buckley said. Told.

From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, October 7, a virtual neighborhood meeting on development is being held for public comment.

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