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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-05-01 13:21:00 –

Bitcoin prices continued to rebound on Saturday, rising about 6% to nearly $ 58,000.But the world’s largest cryptocurrency The shadow has faded recently By its young brother, Ethereum.

Ethereum, or Ethereum for short, set a new record on Saturday, just over $ 2,900. Ethereum prices almost quadrupled in 2021 and soared 290%. Bitcoin This year too, we have achieved great results and doubled the value.

The total value of all Ethereum in circulation is currently approximately $ 333 billion. According to CoinMarketCap.. The market value of Bitcoin is about $ 1.1 trillion.

There is Thousands of cryptocurrencies –Contains Dogecoin fueled by Elon Musk’s tweets -Bitcoin and ether account for almost two-thirds of the $ 2.2 trillion global crypto market.

Bitcoin has skyrocketed this year, partly due to the increased adoption of companies from the United States. Mask Tesla and software company MicroStrategy bought Bitcoin to maintain their balance sheet. Digital payment giants Square and PayPal allow users to buy, sell and retain cryptocurrencies.

However, Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency for many to buy, so it enjoys an even bigger surge than Bitcoin. Non-substitutable token, Or NFT-with art A wider world of collectibles In a storm.

One NFT work by digital artist Beeple Sold for nearly $ 70 million at Christie’s auction Earlier this year.Baseball trading card company Topps entered the NFT game by selling virtual cards and is now Open to the public Through a merger with a blank check special purpose company (SPAC).

NFTs often offer Fans of artists, celebrities and athletes Unique videos and other digital content.Super bowl champion Tom brady Currently he has his own NFT company.

And two players of the week were selected NFL draft, Heisman Trophy winner Devonta Smith and defensive end Quitty Pay have also launched NFTs. He said a portion of Smith’s NFT sales would go to charity. Paye states that all his NFT sales will be sent to nonprofits.

Move over, Bitcoin. Ethereum is at an all-time high | News Source link Move over, Bitcoin. Ethereum is at an all-time high | News

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