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Tucson, Arizona 2022-06-23 15:15:00 –

The official summer soundtrack has just fallen in favor of Tucson Water.

The city’s utility and its first residence artist have released “Monsoon Mixtape,” an online collection of six original songs by local musicians designed to welcome and celebrate the summer storm.

compile, Free streaming on YouTubeR & B, rap, electronica and more.

Each track incorporates the distinctive Sonora sound of a real storm captured during last year’s spectacular monsoon season. When it rains in the background of songs with exciting titles such as “Heavy Falling” and “Hallelujah Havoc,” toads, thunder, pigeons, and trains cry.

“Monsoon rain is a shared experience of water,” said Alexandra “Alex!”, Artist in Residence at Tucson Water. Jimenez commissioned a variety of slate mixtape musicians.

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Jimenez also spent the summer last summer collecting field recordings of the monsoon storm around Tucson with the help of fellow artists Logan Phillips and Enrique Garcia Naranjo.

Recording them, With audio clips submitted by the entire communityEdited together to create the Chubasco Channel, a nearly three-hour soundscape of summer rain that premiered on YouTube last month.

The mixtape with the tagline “Calling the Rain Through Sound” Tucson Water YouTube Channel June 17, the day before the National Weather Service’s regional office recorded the first monsoon humidity of the season.

Jimenez created an animation that plays along with songs and soundscapes. Irregular cloud loops and rain curtains spill over the hand-painted city skyline from the top of Mt. “A”.What is missing The smell of a wet desert..

“When I saw the results, my heart soared,” said Kellyweie, who oversees the Artist-in-Residence Program as a project manager for the Tucson Water Public Relations and Conservation Department. “She nailed her head, although this was supposed to be. There are many communities in it.”

Tucson Water celebrates the release of the Chubasco Channel and “Monsoon Mixtape” with a single site-specific art installation on Friday from 7pm to 10pm under the Kushing Street Bridge on the west bank of the Santa Cruz River. Will only be held. June 24th.

The mixtape will play fully from 8pm

For the rest of the time, he helped make the Philips-mixtape and is well known in the Tucson club scene. DJ Dirtyverbs — Jimenez says it’s going to be “Arashi’s live mixing” with soundscape recordings, mixtape songs and other sources.

Images of Jimenez’s ghostly water and other monsoons are projected onto an almost dry riverbed, so the sound is played through a row of speakers, creating a “walk-through experience” for people passing under the bridge. increase.

According to Jimenez, the event is designed to be a “free trial” of the Diades San Juan Fiesta on Friday, which celebrates the start of the monsoon season each year, hosted by the Mission Gardens and the Menlo Park Neighborhood Association. The Fiesta will be held in the garden of 946 W. Mission Lane from 5:30 pm to 9 pm.

Wiehe acknowledged that utilities are “totally rare” to have their own artist-in-residence, but Tucson Water saw it as a unique opportunity to interact with customers and neighbors.

“I wanted Alex! To help think of new ways to excite the public,” she said.

Utilities are particularly keen to improve the engagement and cooperation of Tucson’s southern and western populations, whose history of pollution and other issues has undermined confidence in the sector.

Wiehe said dozens of artists have applied for residence. The project has been very well received and there is talk of creating some sort of permanent artist-in-residence program at Tucson Water, as budget allows.

The current position was funded by a $ 20,000 matching grant from the non-profit US Water Alliance, which chose Tucson Water and three other utilities to launch it in the fall of 2020. Water, arts and culture accelerator program..

Jimenez said he applied because he values ​​the desert and shares the overall approach of the Water Alliance to resource management. But what really attracted her to her home was her focus on connecting with her neighbors, who have lived for four generations.

“This is entirely my project,” she said. “It’s the community I’m in and I can make art.”

When she was elected, a villager and visual artist said there were no clues to collect field recordings of natural sounds and curate music compilations.

“I had no preconceptions. It’s all unfolded,” she said.

The region’s record dry monsoon in 2020 weighed heavily on Jimenez when she set out to record the 2021 season. Early on, she said she would leave the house with a recorder to collect enough sound whenever it rained.

“Every time a storm came, I thought it might be the last,” she said.

It led to some unexpected experiences, even for Tucson natives who grew up playing in Santa Cruz beds.

One night last year, Jimenez was recording along the river near Drexel Road. Firefly flashThere was something in the Tucson area that she didn’t know about.

She also encountered less magical things like airplanes and urban drones in air conditioning units, which sneaked into her recordings. Some of those noises have become a complete soundscape, along with police sirens, cooling dubs, lively squirrels, and the bark of an American spadefoot toad that provides a sense of place for weather symphonies.

To Jimenez, Chubasco Channel It’s more than just the soothing background noise that foreign desert residents enjoy. This is a historical record of meteorological phenomena that can be caused by anthropogenic climate change.

“It was important for me to archive the monsoon and capture the potentially rarer experiences in the future,” she explained.

The Friday night forecast includes the possibility of a thunderstorm, but there are no plans to postpone the album’s release party and art experience.

If necessary, they will flock under the Cushing Street Bridge, Jimenez said. “Rain and shine are happening.”

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Move over, Drake: Tucson Water drops mixtape with six new songs of summer | Local news Source link Move over, Drake: Tucson Water drops mixtape with six new songs of summer | Local news

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